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DREAM #60 - Slingshot Coffee

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

I was sailing around a group of islands. The ship was a larger sailed, old world, wooden ship. The sails looked like gold with some black design in them. We were island hopping until we got off.

Once we got off we were in a house and a guy was there trying to go after me. I was able to hide in one of the back rooms. There was a bed there and a small wall I could hide behind. I saw the guy come in and take a look around. He left and was unable to see me.

I walked out and was in a kitchen. I had a trigonometry book opened, and was doing some problems. I was wanting to do these to help my eight-teen year old cousin out, in case he ever had to ask questions about it. In this case I knew these people as family, however in real life I have never seen these people before.

The father was outside sitting on a large boulder with his twelve-year old daughter. He was talking to her about something, when I noticed some leaf movement near the house. I could not see exactly what was going on. I kept looking and up on a hill, to my left, I saw a kid in a purple outfit. He was hidden behind some brush and a tree. He was taking pictures of the dad and the girl talking. I yelled out at the eighteen-year old cousin saying aren’t you going to go after him?

The kid in purple took off. He never said it, but from what I remember he liked my twelve-year old cousin and wanted to talk to her.

My eighteen-year old cousin and I jumped in a wrangler to go to the store. We pulled away from the parking lot barely missing someone else’s car mirror. We drove to the grocery store where his girlfriend worked. When we pulled up, I noticed a sampler person off to the left of the entry doors. There was a coffee booth to the right of the doors.

His girlfriend came out and grabbed three cups from the coffee vendor. Turned them up so she could fill them with coffee. She filled two cups halfway up and one cup all the way up. Once she filled the one cup up, she took out a slingshot. She used the slingshot and flung the full cup of coffee at the people working the food sample booth.

Illustrated by:

Instagram@romeyart - West Virginia, USA


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