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DREAM #61 - Hidden UFOs and we save the WHALES

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

My wife and I lived in a small port community. I could not tell you where the location was, but there was one road in the city, and it traveled along the coast. I saw a mountain just behind the port, with rocks near the road that lined water. The rocks were black, and the water was very calm. A small marina was next to the water that had a long dock extending into the sea.

Most of the houses were green in color and they followed the road up opposite side of the water. The wife and I were in our house and we had Halloween lights up. A guy appeared in the window with a pipe wrench. He slid our window to the side and put his head through it. He said trick or treat. I was hiding behind the window and grabbed the power cable to the lights. I wrapped it around the pipe wrench and pulled. It knocked the wrench out of his hand. Once I did that his buddy appeared in the door. My wife came over to pick the pipe wrench up. The new guy and her started to sword fight with pipe wrenches. Nobody won the fight and we ended up outside in another scene.

JR, EB, and SL were driving by in JR’s truck. SL said he wanted to get out and talk to me. He didn’t want anyone to know he was looking to buy a house in the area. He came into the house and I said you want everyone else to hang out too? He said no, but he would like to look at the layout of the house if he could. I told him sure and took him around the house. The dream shifted to another scene.

JR, EB, my wife and I were on the pier. JR and EB were looking to buy a house here too. I told JR that he should know about the town’s history before he purchases anything. It was a secret most townspeople did not know about, but I did. I said we needed to talk before he made a purchase. We walked down the pier and turned toward the mountain.

We arrived at the furthest house from the Marina on the left. The door was open and we walked in. The houses style was full of ship lap. It was on the walls from top to bottom, and the floors were wood. JR said he thought it was too much wood and EB might not like it, however he wanted to buy this house. He was wearing rubber boots and took them off. He laid the boots on the steps to go upstairs. We made it upstairs turned around and immediately went back down the stairs. JR grabbed the boots, and we went outside.

I said I was thinking about getting a radio for my truck and we should go check them out. We walked to the store. It was down some steps into a small room. There was one counter and a kid behind it. I asked where all the displays were and he said to look on the tablet. He pulled out a digital highlighter and drew right on the tablet. When he wrote to the right the highlighter pen would make a blue slash on the product they had in stock. Then he drew a down motion, and that made a red slash. He said those items were not in stock.

There was another room with a couple steps down, and it had windows looking to the outside. There were four dogs in the room and one cat. EBs dog was outside, her family dog was by the window, and JRs dog was sitting by my wife. I walked over to the window and the family dog was growling because it wanted to be outside. He was a two-hundred-pound dog and leaned up against me and pinned me against the wall. I didn’t want to move him, since I didn’t know him well. The family had to call him over, so I could get back to the radio store.

I walked back into the store and JR had picked his radio out. He asked if I was going to buy anything. I said no I was thinking about going to Best Buy. JR said “Dang it I thought you were buying that is why I got this radio.”

The four of us walked out of the store and down the road. I said there are two things you need to know about this town. We walked passed a picture hanging on one of the stores wall. On the picture the mountain in the water was painted. There were flying lights painted in the picture above the mountain. I said those are UFO’s from the invasion a long time ago. Nobody believes it but it happened. The government will not let anyone talk about it, in fear it may start another war. The mayor of the city walked up. JR asked him if any of it was true. The mayor said my story was true, and he could show JR the crashed ship. The mayor warned JR if he did show him, he was afraid the crashed ship might escape and start another war.

I heard a cry down by the water. Three killer whales were laying on the rocks. Nobody knows how they got there. I screamed over to everybody walking by to come help push. The one was leaning toward getting back in the water and we could push him. Everyone ran over and pushed him in the water. He swam away. A boat came in and we tied a line onto the 2nd whale. The boat pulled the whale into the water, but we could not see any swimming movement as the boat pulled it through the water. Once a few moments went by the whale swam away.

Illustrated by:

Smiley Productions Illustrations - Kentucky, USA


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