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DREAM #62 - Chaos Ensues

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

There was a country setting. A farm house was near the front of the yard, and a gazebo and sitting area in the back yard. Thirty seats were under the gazebo and another thirty was at the front of the yard in a sitting area.

A bonfire was in between the two areas, and near the front of the yard a spaghetti hut was serving dinners to people. The food was served and the party was getting lively. Then I looked near the front of the yard and the spaghetti hut was closing and taking their signs down. I asked them what happened and they said their pasta did not meet federal regulations.

The spaghetti was getting taken off from the picnic table in the back, but my Grandma wanted to taste the marinara sauce before it was thrown away. She took a plate and started to eat and said it was very good. My aunt walked up and asked what else was going on at the party. I told her they were getting ready to do a dance, but she thought it was in the front of the yard.

Most of the people in the back stood up and wanted to go to the front yard. They didn’t understand there would be two groups dancing. She was getting ready to walk up to the front and the groups started to dance. The group in the back yard, nearest to us, were all wearing a white outfit with some red in it. Some had red stripes, others had red aprons, and some had red hearts. They would do some dance moves, and the front yard group would follow up on their moves. The front yard people were wearing all black outfits, with some white stripes, white hearts, and white aprons. NRF was the lead dancer in that group.

As they danced we all heard sirens ring out through the air. The cops were coming to raid the place because of the spaghetti, but we all do not know why. Most of us started running toward the back woods behind the house. There were trails through the woods toward the road. The road was up a steep incline. People started to climb the hill to get to the road. The incline had some barb wire on top of it and a ravine separated the road from the hill. You had to get over the barb wire, and make a jump for the road.

Most people were making the jump, and I went for it. I clung onto the road and climbed up. We could get into an old white van that only had two seats inside. I was in there with Anne, a driver and two other younger guys. We were driving for a couple hours, or so it seemed when we pulled up behind another house. We decided to park the van and try to scavenge some food.

The house had some fruit in the yard, so we got out of the van. We parked the van behind some other vehicles in the back yard, so nobody could see it. When we got out we each started to gather food from the ground, since everything was ripe. We kept getting closer to the house. The house had windows overlooking the back yard, but the house was dark. Off to the left, while looking at the house, was a small shed. I noticed a flashlight come on in the house, and saw the curtain slide open. A face peered into the window with the light shined on us.

I said run, but we could no longer get to the van the owners were running toward their vehicles. They were parked right near our van, so we took off back in the woods. We had to run some distance before we no longer could hear trucks chasing us. We came to an opening and there was an old truck with four doors and an eight-foot box on it. The truck was rusted, but we noticed two passengers in the truck. A guy and a lady. The guy looked like a hippy with some long dark brown hair. We hopped in the truck with them, and they said they would drive us away.

We drove and a hill appeared in front of us. It looked like an old road that people used, but it was formed from lava. The road was almost all black with no lines and the hill was very steep. The driver gunned it up the hill. We made it to the top and jumped out of the truck. There was a parking lot on the other side, with some restaurants on top of the hill. With the truck making it over the railing we all decided to grab some food. Once we decided to leave a guy with crazy hair said he had to come with us. He had three other guys with him.

We took off in the truck and they wanted to ride in the pickup part of the truck. They were doing crazy things like truck surfing, screaming, throwing bottles at people. They were causing Chaos, and the guy was rather scary.

Illustrated by:

Natasha Novy - Ukraine

Character by:

Ivory Jones - Louisiana, USA


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