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DREAM #63 - King Bowler

I finished up bowling on my league, and one of the gentlemen I bowl with needed a sub for his team’s second and third game.  I took my ball over to their lane and placed it on the ball return.  I look up and one of the lanes had a light out and the rack was down.  It wasn’t long after that problem was fixed, and we started to bowl.  We only bowled a few frames and the game was suddenly over.

The guy who asked me to sub looked down at the person keeping score and said “Jackie, do not worry about it, we only scored in the 70s, they won.”  I placed my ball on the floor just above the steps that took you to the bowling area. He picked my ball up and said “It is drilled wrong.  You need to adjust your finger point to get a better roll and your thumb will not slip out anymore.”

I walked back to the sitting area to take my shoes off.  My wife was sitting next to me at the table and I remember my cousin at one of the front tables looking back. Walking in the middle of everyone was a girl I went to high school with.  She had a long, white trench coat on.  She kept peering over at me and was followed by one of her friends.  She kept walking around and one time she made a wide circle and bumped into my shoulder.  I looked up and said “Hey what is going on.”  She smiled and kept walking.

My wife asked who that was and I let her know.  We were packed up and walked out to my parking spot. My truck was not there, but a white, early 2000s style Camaro was parked in my spot.  I opened the door and a purse was on the seat.  The purse was open and not much was in it.  The keys were in the ignition, and my wife sat down in the passenger seat.  I looked at her and said “I think this is that girl’s car.”

I heard an engine revved and looked toward another section of the parking lot.  My truck was over there, one guy in the driver’s seat and another in the passenger seat.  The driver kept revving the engine and I thought they were going to blow the motor.  They took off and started roaring through the lot, and I told my wife “Lets go in and report it.”

We started walking toward the bowling alley and we saw the girls in the parking lot. My wife said she would tell them off, but I pulled her toward the door. Once we were back in the bowling alley we went to the bar.  In the bar, there was a seat that a man dressed like a king was sitting in.  The guy had a goatee, was wearing a crown, and holding a scepter.  He had a ticket jar in front of him.  He let my wife sit in the chair a few feet from him.  He told me that I needed to place the tickets in the jar, and when he drew my number, he would take care of my issue.

Illustrated by:

Teresa Guido - ITALY


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