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DREAM #64 - Tornados and Dragons

Walking down the street the city had heavy traffic on the road. To the left side of the city, the ocean appeared and to the right, some buildings were lined up down the street.

Clouds started forming and when I looked back a twister touched down. It turned into a triple twister, and then six twisters. Once they all formed I knew I needed to get into the building off to my right. I looked back at the twisters and they all disappeared. As quick as they disappeared, four more formed in front of where I was, and several off in the other directions. They were dropping down and going away as fast as they formed.

I ran into the building. It was a regular building and none of the décors stuck out. I remember running up the stairs and looking for anyone in any rooms. I felt like I have been in this building before, however, when I ran down the pathway I thought was the right way, it was turning into a different route.

I made my way upstairs, running by every door that was open. I would see people in the rooms and yell to them to get to the basement. A major storm was coming in. I looked outside one of the windows and seven or eight tornados were over the water. The water was pushing up on the land and covering the roadways.

The gas station just up the road on the right had so many semi-trucks trying to leave. Two of them pulled out of the parking lot together, and the water carried the trucks right into the ocean. I looked down and another one was trying to turn right. As soon as it hit the road it was lifted and carried away by the water. The trucks had no way to escape the gas station.

My attention turned back to running up and down the stairs finding anyone possible to lead to the basement. I found a few stragglers, and they followed me down the stairs to the basement. When I arrived in the basement on the wall was a window. I thought why would there ever be a window in the basement. We were lucky though, the window had a seal that could be locked from the inside on it. We slid both thick metal doors closed over the window. A large lock clamped the middle of the two doors and we could no longer see outside.

I ran back upstairs for fear of anyone else running around. I climbed all of the steps to the top floor. There was an odd shaped thing in the room. He looked at me and said I would not be able to save all of the people. He looked like a white blob, with a face sticking out from the gel-like substance. He had one hand emerging from the gel sort of shaped like a claw.

I felt endangered so I turned around and started going back down the steps. The white blob gave chase, so I ran to the main floor of the lobby. I opened the doors and stood on the sidewalk when I noticed something in the air.

Flying over-head, were two very dark red, with some light highlights, dragons. They were flying in a graceful pattern over the sky, dancing back and forth with each other. The lower clouds were moving so fast, and there were upper clouds blocking the sunlight. The lower clouds were covering the upper clouds, but there were minor breaks in the clouds where you could see glimpses of the upper system. I looked up and saw a window open in the lower cloud system. I saw an enormous, thick, long body of a dragon. It was the tail end of the dragon but based on the size of the back of the body, and tail it had to be two to four times larger than the dragon escorts.

Illustrated by:

Manoela Boianovsky da Costa - Brazil


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