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Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I walked into a building and needed to get to the top floor. I had no other way to get up there other than to follow someone else up to their floor. I saw this gorgeous auburn hair lady. She looked at me and she had amazing blue eyes, cute little freckles on her face.

We made eye contact and I walked over and introduced myself as we got onto the elevator together. We rode up to her floor and she lived near the top of the building. We got off the elevator and with the small talk we had on the ride up she invited me in for a drink. I followed her into her condo where she went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge up and offered me a drink. I told her I would like whatever wine she was offering and asked her where her restroom was. She told me it was up to the steps and to the right.

I took advantage and went upstairs. I saw there was a room on my way to the restroom so I stopped off in the room. I quickly went through some of the drawers and found a checkbook. I took a picture of it with my phone and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I went downstairs and took my wine. We sat on the couch and talked for a few minutes. I placed my wine down on the table and told her I needed to go, but would hang out again. I opened the door to leave and she peered at me and smiled, as I closed the door behind me.

Walking out of the building a noticed a beautiful girl walking by me. She had shoulder length, brown hair. She had a small amount of purple in her hair and it set off her entire look. Her nose was small, cute, button-sized. She had medium chest size, with long slender torso. He legs looked toned and tan. I walked up behind her and struck up a conversation. She was off that day so I asked her to go to the park and walk around.

She was willing and we started walking toward the park. Coming up on the park we could see a couple of kids baseball games being played. We walked around and joked about watching the games as we learned more about each other. I told her we should walk down into the back area where people change to get ready for the games.

We walked in and the area was nicely carpeted, with lockers everywhere. I looked around and saw nobody was there, so I took her hand and walked her to the back area. I walked in and there ended up being women in there. I slowly backed out and didn’t want them to see I walked in the wrong area, and call the cops.

We were walking out since we couldn’t find a quiet spot, and some guy looked over at me. He said hey we are looking for a guy exactly like you. You look like what we have been searching for, the problem is that guy is a tad taller. He told me to sit down and looked at her. She had called the cops on her ex-boyfriend for hitting her, and apparently, he looked almost identical to me. He was just a tad taller, but the face and body structure were identical.

This guy was FBI and started to ask probing questions. She kept assuring him that I was not her ex-boyfriend and I didn’t do those things to her. She explained that we had just met. The FBI guy was not convinced and wanted to ask me some more questions. I looked at him and said, hey don’t you live over by that lake.

He looked at me and mentioned he did. I said yes, you know Ron, he sells Tahoe pontoons on the lake. The guy laughed and knew who I was talking about. They call him Ron Dazzle because he does so many deals. He said he purchased his boat from him.

He decided to send me on my way. I looked at her and we took off. It was getting dark and I did not have a place to stay. She liked me and wanted to come with me, so we went to a house we saw up the street. The lights were being turned off like someone was getting ready to leave. I told her we needed to hide in the bushes.

The car reversed out of the garage. A lady got out and folded up the cover of the panel. She input 2785 and hit enter. The garage closed and she got back in her car and drove off.

I walked up to the cover and hit the same numbers as she previously did. The garage opened up and I motioned for her to come in with me. Once we were in the garage, I tested the back door, and it was not even locked. We were able to get into the house without an issue. I closed the garage door and we walked around the house looking around.

I went for the bedroom to continue looking for checks, checkbooks, passports or anything I could take. I found the ladies passport, so I grabbed it and put it in my bag. The girl that was with me came into the bedroom and asked if I was hungry. She was going to make some food from the fridge. I told her sure, but make darn sure the fire alarms do not go off.

I looked out the bedroom window and figured out a way to escape in case she came home. I figured this window was blinded from the garage by the bushes. We could easily open the window, and pop out the screen and be gone. We wouldn’t damage anything and leave mostly everything undisturbed.

We finished eating and I noticed a light flicker by the driveway. We ran toward the bedroom, opened the window, and popped out the screen. We took off running just to get away from the house. We left the dishes, so the lady would know someone had been in the house. I was in cuffs and at the FBI office. I was sitting in a room with red carpet, and windows large windows in the main entrance. The walls were darker in color and some black lines broke up the red color throughout the room. The same guy I saw at the locker room was there questioning me. He told me he knew I killed those women. I said no it was not me. I have not killed anyone at all, and they had the wrong guy.

He kept asking how I did it or why I did it. I let him know that it was not me. He stood me up and took me down a hallway. He looked at one of the younger officers and told him to watch me. I let the guy know I needed to go to the restroom, so he let me. I went in and did my thing came back out. I looked around and did not see the younger officers, and the entrance was right there. I started to walk toward the door and had my coat over my hands. People couldn’t tell I had cuffs on.

They must have known I was trying to escape because the metal security doors started to come down to close off the windows. I was able to open the door and slide under the metal. I had an uber waiting for me. I calmly walked up to the guy's back door and got in the vehicle.

I found myself voluntarily back at the FBI's place. I was sitting in front of the investigators, with some information for them. I let them know I did not kill anyone. I gave them envelopes, passports, and checks. I said I may be a con man, but I have not killed anyone. Furthermore here are all the checks, and passports I have taken from people. I have not cashed one item or sold one passport. It is all there.

Illustrated by:

Rick Bastos - Brazil


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