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A group of us started in a building. It had two or three floors with no major coloring to remember. It looked more like cardboard box color, however, everything in the building looked sturdy. There were stairs leading up to other floors and furniture.

We were all hungry so we wanted to eat. We had a big meal made up and started to serve it around the 10 to 12-person table. I do not know who any of these people are they are just like extras in a movie. The table was near a window that overlooked a parking lot. The lot had plenty of cars in it but was about half empty. There was an orange haze everywhere through the dream. All the food had an orange haze, the building had an orange haze, when you looked outside it was mildly orange looking.

We sat down to eat and with all the food there was a small, cube-shaped item that someone put on the table. It may have appeared out of thin air, but not sure how it arrived on the table. The box was the only item without an orange hue to it. It was pure grey and had small hieroglyphic shapes on it.

We started to eat and someone decided to grab the box to look at it. The mood at the table changed very quickly. It was a calm day; however, it just became intense. It felt like something started to push down on our chest and we all seemed to have panic attacks.

The person who grabbed the box started to run up the stairs. The stairs were in the middle of the room and there was a door just at the bottom of it. I looked out of the window and saw someone running toward the building. It was hard to recognize but the clothing looked identical to the person that just ran upstairs. Most of us ran upstairs after the person to check and see if they were ok.

They were hiding in a corner and the door slammed open. We looked down the stairs and the person coming through the door looked identical to the person sitting in front of us. We looked down and asked do you have a twin? The person yelled no and I do not want to die.

The twin started running up the stairs, and we all felt scared and somber. We did not know what was going on. The person laying in the corner refused to get up as the doppelgänger ran toward them. The doppelganger picks its twin up and through the person over the balcony. The cube landed in another person’s hands as the doppelganger disappeared.


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