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DREAM #67 - Boxer Party

SDjs and SDjs were at their house. Steve was at the bottom of his stairs trying to nail in a piece of wood. He looked behind himself through a hole in the drywall. His dad was nailing the wood down in a pattern on the steps. He had small wood tiles nailed in a straight line, but they not fully nailed down to the stair risers yet. He lifted the tiles up and turned the staples. The wood twisted into a diamond formation and he asked what pattern you like better.

We ran upstairs into a room. The room had an elevator door on the opposite wall. There was a crazy boxer, underwear party going happening in the room. We were not participating since we were trying to fix the stairs. My pants were dirty, so I took them off to get them clean. The elevator opened and was full of party goers. They were wearing mostly white outfits, and one girl had wings on. They looked at me and cheered.

I turned toward a window and looked outside. The yard was full of people in the yard partying. There was a gazebo, with a glass top on it. Anne and I went to bed. She looked at a guy and said ok come here, buddy. He said he couldn’t because he gets paid at McDonald's.

We rolled out of bed and went downstairs to the outside part of the party. We walked under the gazebo where the people were playing a pop top game. Everyone was dancing, and one person flung pop tops into the crowd. The idea was to catch them, with your hands. The catch was your fingers had to be constantly clapping the palms of your hands. People would cheer when someone finally caught the pop top.

A loud crash happened, and the back side of the Gazebo came crashing down. I looked back and people were bleeding. A guy was laying on the ground with two missing front teeth.

He wanted to stand, however, I sat next to him. I noticed he needed urgent medical attention. The gazebo crashed into his bike, hit a pedal, and caught his hand in the chain. The chain severed his hand and was laying the ground with the chain wrapped around it. He didn’t realize how badly he was hurt.


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