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We were walking through a tunnel. It was brown and dirt was on the walls. In the dirt, you could see roots coming through the walls, but I felt it was not unusual. I feel like we missed something back in another section of the tunnel.

I started to scroll through some menu options and noticed we missed the bluebird named Wyntin. Wyntin was level 5 section 1 ice bird. We had to go back and face him before we could move on through the dirt tunnel.

We walked back and Wyntin was flying around. He was a fast flying bird, blue with a white underbelly. We had no way to beat him. I pulled out my red bird and thought for the best. The red bird was smaller and faster then Wyntin so I thought maybe we could outfly him. The red bird also had a white underbelly with some yellow trim around the feathers.

He started out by flying around Wyntin, but Wyntin kept hitting him since he was so much bigger. The red bird would bump against the dirt walls but continue flying. Wyntin did not have the advantage in this setting since he was out of his ice element. The red bird did a spinning roll, while also rotating around Wyntin and smashed into him. That sent Wyntin flying back the other way. We all felt excited we would be able to move forward. The red bird deserved all the credit. He held his own and did a great move that caught the larger bird off guard.

We moved forward into an ice cave. There were different hills in the room that had icicles hanging from the ledges. We had three or four people with us trying to solve the puzzle so we could get out of the cold. We were shivering and feeling cold. Our movements were slowing down but we kept trying to talk out the problem. The largest wall had the climbing gear and stepping stones to get to the other side but the door would not open.

When I looked closer at the wall it had a castle imprinted within the wall. There were three incredibly large icicles coming down from the ceiling attached to that same wall. I noticed some rotation in those icicles and they appeared to be drilled. The structure in the wall had three holes in the top of it, and the drill points would exactly fit in those holes. The structure was way too large for us to be able to pull the drills down, especially since they were frozen in ice.

I kept telling a guy I worked with to look over on the other wall. We have to see something similar to this over there. It might be a key to unlock the door across from the climbing equipment. He kept saying no there is nothing like that. He was one cliff above me and I told him to look in the farthest corner directly across from the frozen castle structure and the drill. He broke down and finally walked over there. He was able to get on his knees and look in a small crack in the wall. There was a miniature replica of the castle with the drill. The drill also had a small lever you could pull down on. Once he started to pull down on the lever the three larger drills on the opposite wall started to make noise. The ice around the larger bits started to crumble and the bits moved toward the holes on the castle.

The bits finally inserted into the holes where they belonged and the door opened. Elated we all ran toward the door to escape the freezing cold, shivering and wet we had survived the ice room.


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