• NAM


We had a big party at our house. It looked like one of the houses in the subdivision I grew up in. Our house was at the far back of the old subdivision, so when you looked across the street you could see about three other houses.

One of the other houses was having a party too. It looked like mostly girls were over there. There were mostly men at our party. Most of the guys went across the street to party with the girls. One guy started to snuggle up to Anne, I told him to get out. He was a black guy, and for some reason, I said boy you better leave. He started to explain and get real mad at me why I shouldn't call him boy. He calmed down after he explained everything and I apologized while he politely left.

I called for Anne to make sure she was still around, and her voice came from the back bedroom. She was in laying down under the covers. My buddy was sitting on the bed talking to her and jumped up.


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