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DREAM #70 - Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe

We were outside and it was pouring down rain. There were metal beams extending across a section of dirt that was being eroded from the rain. In the middle of the dirt, you saw a stream flowing down to the water below and the beams were becoming less stable.

People were walking across them to get to the other side and wanted to get to the building. The building had glass windows on it. In the middle of the glass were small metal strips creating square windows. The windows had a minor blue hue to them.

I was sitting on a section of concrete that had broken off from all the dirt washing away from under it. I barely made it across and the last beam washed out. We could walk up to the building now.

Inside the building, it was a normal setting. There was a room with carpet on the floor. There were stairs going up to a second room with people coming and going between rooms. I walked up to the steps and another guy was coming down the stairs. He looked at me and said something. I grabbed him an threw him off the steps.

He landed and when I looked down at him his arm was all bent out of shape and his ankle was broken and facing a ninety-degree direction from his leg. I walked down the stairs and turned around.

Anne was on the steps and on a phone call. I asked her who she was talking to and she asked the person on the other end if she should tell me. I heard the voice say yes. She spoke up and told me it was Jahvin. In the dream, Jahvin was the guy I threw down the stairs.

We walked back toward the upstairs and came into a museum setting. There was a man there with an old dingy buttoned-up vest that was olive green. He had a dark grey overcoat on and his hair was combed down kind of like Mo, from three stooges. He had wire rim glasses on or a single monocle. He introduced himself to us as Edgar Allen Poe.

We talked for a minute and a lady, with a white, 1800s period dress came out from a door just up the hallway. She had her hand up as if wanting to be kissed on the backside of it. The hallway had one door on the left and at the very end were some windows allowing just a hint of outside light into the hall. In front of the lady was another gentleman dressed in knight’s armor, and he had his face shield open.

Edgar spoke up and told us that was his wife. The guy holding her hand up to his lips was Nathaniel Hawthorne. Edgar told us that Nathaniel had stolen his wife from him.

We kept walking through the museum. The place had many people going to and from different rooms in it. The building was large and was an older wooden building. It had wooden floors and solid, sturdy old style windows allowing light in.

I walked into one room and a gentleman with a beard approached me. He said he was with someone and everything was good except one thing was missing. I told him what was that one thing. He said he loved someone in Seattle and he didn’t know how to tell the person he was with. He knew he loved the person he was with, but something was missing. I let him know that we live too short of life not to go to Seattle.


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