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(Woke up at 4:35 in the morning and alarm went off at 5:28, so this dream occurred between this hour.)

Near the bottom of a hill, an office was cut out from the earth. It was a half circle office with very little furniture. I could see under a raised floor and wood shavings scattered under it. There were a few shop vacuums laying around, so I grabbed one to clean under the floor. (I think the shop vacuums may have come from a guy selling some on a FB local sales group.)

I grabbed a shop vac and bent down on my hands and knees. The hose was shorter than normal, so I had to reach my arm under the floor to help extend the reach. I saw the hose suck up a yellow jacket and then a black bee, with the same body style as the yellow jacket. They were climbing near the edge of the hose, and I kept shaking it to get them to be sucked up. I didn’t want to be stung, so I pulled the hose out from under the floor.

The suction from the hose was not enough. They were climbing near the end of the hose and getting ready to escape. They were half the size of a dollar bill, so I didn’t want them to escape. I flicked the yellow jacket on top of his head with my middle finger. He looked at me and was halfway out of the hose now. I stood up and picked up the vacuum canister and dropped it on the ground. The hose went to maximum power and sucked the bees up. Something was jammed and dropping it fixed the issue.

It started to rain heavily and mud was forming from down the hill. There were jungle like trees all over and grass. One pontoon was floating in a small lake near the office part of the hill. It was ready to go over the edge, however, it got hung up in some vines from all the overgrowth. I took a path up the right side of the hill and met people playing baseball.

One of the ladies I grew up with, like a second mother to me, was there playing baseball with us. A Tiger pitcher was playing catch with her. She had a red pitchers glove in her hand and a huge smile on her face since she is a big Tiger’s fan. He threw a fastball at her, she caught it, but then dropped the glove immediately shaking her hand. She was laughing at how hard he threw it.

The rain was coming down harder now and a couple of young girls were near the trail going up the hill. The trail was flowing with water and they were scared. I ran over to them, and put my life jacket on. I told them they had to do the same. She didn’t know how to put one on, so I told her to put one arm in at a time, and then I held the truck ratchet straps up to her shoulders to see what size was needed to wrap around and tighten the jacket. We picked a size and she was all set.

Walking back announcers kept screaming watch out for the mounds in the mud, they are crocodiles. There were some huge mounds too, so nobody wanted to step on the crocodiles and we all met back at the spot we played baseball. We took very careful steps to get there.

The grass was soft now from all the rain and some areas were yellow. I can remember rocking back and forth on my feet and I heard a crunch. I just crushed some crocodile eggs buried in the yellow grass. I took a step and more were crushed. I looked to my right and a bush had grass pushed up next to it, and that slid off from larger eggs.

The eggs were creamy in color with long rectangular colored speckles covering the shell. There were three to five in the nest. One of the eggs started to move, then another and then the largest egg moved. The largest egg busted open and just ahead came out. It looked like a large T-rex head, and the body was as tiny as an ant.

The head and the tiny little legs walked through an opening in the foliage. He looked at a color spectrum and told me to find what color matches his eggs spots. Then I woke up.


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