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We were in a small apartment. JB, MR, and WP were there. They were my roommates. We were all hanging out and wanting to go to a party somewhere. The room had a table in the middle of it, the room in the back of the apartment and the living area at the other side of the apartment with a large bathroom. The table in the middle of the main room we were in was very modern looking. It was a white table with some metal legs.

They all wanted to leave, but I had to get my keys. I told them to hold on and watch. They were not wanting to wait but started to laugh at what I was doing. I told them I could do a handstand and walk around the table on my hands. Problem is I wasn’t wearing any clothes and they all told me to get dressed. I leaned forward and put my head on the ground. I angled my elbows at a ninety-degree angle to the ground and put my knees on them. I started to lift my legs in the air and straightened my elbows. I started to walk around the table, and they all were dying laughing. I made it one time around and told them I was ready. I went to grab my keys and wallet. I started to walk out the door but still didn’t have clothes on.

JB spoke up and said go put some clothes on man and was laughing. I went back to the room to get clothes but needed to go to the restroom. I walked all the way down to the other end of the apartment. The bathroom was huge, but WP was cleaning his awesome looking Chevy, Black truck, with red trim. It was high enough to see into the bathroom window. I told him to shut his window, so he couldn’t see.

I went to the restroom and took my red truck to wherever we went. We ended up in a parking lot and started to walk into the building we were headed. MR walked by my truck and a few random guys were around it with a car jack. The tires were gone, the lights were stripped, and it was being spray painted stupid random colors. She said to me I think your truck is being stolen.

I walked back to the truck and yes it was being stolen. The guys took off, but the bowling owner said no worries Nate I got you. We tracked the guys down to a fishing spot on top of a mountain. The clouds were hazy up there, the water was in a bowl like an area on the mountain. BA had a helicopter lower a hovercraft in the water and was gunning it to get over to the guys fishing. He started yelling at the guys and saying we will get you for the truck damage. We captured them and took the guys to a room.

Two couches were in the room, with one old coffee table sitting in front of the couches. The guys had zip ties on their hands, but two of them were close to each other. They noticed we left some scissors on the table and grabbed them. One of the guys was able to get the scissors and cut the zip ties. He used the scissors like a knife and tried attacking us. We were able to overpower him and get him tied back up. That is when their dad walked in.


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