• NAM


Started in a locker room. Friends were in the locker room changing into costumes. I looked in my duffle bag and pulled out a maroon shirt with some white trim. The shirt reminding me of a Circuit City shirt, since I worked there many years ago.

Once I pulled the shirt on most of us were done changing. We walked out of the locker room area into an opening. We looked around and a school building was behind us and a field with some junk in it was across a road. There was one guy standing next to the corner of the building and a voice bellowed out. I do not remember what was said, but then we noticed the guy in the grey suit moving.

The guy in the grey suit flew and nobody was next to him. His arms and legs were flailing as he flew toward the ground. His body convulsed as if someone punched him, and when he hit the ground, he deflated like he was a balloon. We all walked over to him but assumed he was dead. We tried picking his body up, but there was no life or air left in his body. The mass was still there since we couldn’t lift him without having all of us grab a part.

We looked at each other scared and ran across the road. The junk had trailed in them, so we started to fan out through the different trails. We could still see each other. In the short distance, there were a few walls and what looked like shelter. We ran by a blue tooth speak and a voice yelled out through the speaker. He yelled he is coming and going to find us, we couldn’t run forever. He had a loud stern voice and none of us wanted to be deflated like the grey suit guy.

We all ran toward the walls and started to hide behind them. We all could feel a presence coming closer to us but none of us could see what it was. He kept hearing the voice bellow over the speaker, but we were not able to knock the speaker off from the table. The voice grew louder with every word. I broke away from the wall and looked for a weapon even though I was not able to see what I was needing to fight.

I bent down and grabbed a large pipe and started swinging violently randomly in the air. It wasn’t doing anything and one of my fellow friends went flying in the air, deflating as they hit the ground.


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