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There was a party at a house and people were in every room. People were drinking and laughing. All were having a good time. There was a guy there that seemed annoying to me. He was loud and obnoxious, one of those trying to get attention just to himself. The part was taking place at a lake house, while I overheard a couple say they were interested in buying a house on the lake.

I told them if they wanted, they should come to look at our house and give me a bid. I let them know I wouldn’t guarantee we would decide to sell, however, if they put in an offer I would consider it. Once I said that we walked down to our house. Some of the party moved down to our house too. I stopped the people for a second and thought about the house not being clean enough to show. I figured we were just getting back from vacation so there might be a few dishes in the sink and let the people come over.

The part was getting loud and the couple was excited to look at the house. I told them It was small since we did not have kids. They wanted to see the pool outside and the view of the lake. Then the obnoxious guy came downstairs and was wearing one of Anne’s boat skirts, and stockings. He had his chest out. Everyone was looking at him and laughing. He had his skirt rolled up so you could see his thing.

He came toward me and I tackled him to the ground. I put my hand around his neck and started yelling at him. I told him he always does this and has no ambition in life. I yelled at him that he has the talent and doesn’t care to use it, that he needed to wake up, and grow up. In real life, I do not know who this guy is, but in my dream, I feel like I did know him. I stood up and let him go. I went to my room and got a gun. I told everyone to leave except the people who wanted to look at the house. I pointed the gun, which was more of a firecracker launcher, and shot it at an old, worthless picture tube television. The t.v. shattered and the people got the idea. They all started to file out.

The interesting couple and I walked outside down the sidewalk seeing people out. Once the group left the lady wanted to go around and see the pool entrance from the front yard. We walked toward the fence and the yard was covered in leaves. I looked at them and mentioned the leaves were not there a moment ago. The yard was covered as if someone used a dump truck to cover the yard full of leaves. The guy stepped into the leaves toward the pool and I saw a hand go after the guy, and I stepped into the leaves, and I saw a face through some twigs.

The guy grabbed my leg and cut my ankle, I tried escaping back over the fencing but my leg got caught. Whatever was in the leaves came around the corner of the fence and it had a mangled face. I pointed the firecracker launcher toward the mangled face and shot a few times.

Illustrated by:

Instagram@romeyart - West Virginia, USA


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