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My parents, myself and my wife were in an upstairs condo bedroom. Our dog was in the room and the bedroom door was open. The floors were a light colored wood floor. The window peered out over another building, so it looked like we were downtown somewhere. The building outside was white and had beige color window trim. It was a brighter white, the kind you get when the sun is beating down on something and you can barely look at it. The only object in the room was a PDU from work. It is about six feet long with twenty plugs in it and one power cable. I picked it up and kept it in my arms.

All of us were gathered in the room talking and I heard a loud boom. I walked out of the bedroom into a hallway. I walked the hallway into a room that opened up to the living room. There was nothing in the living room except one window, a door and a large cabinet with a pane of glass in it. I looked out the window and it was not open, and the door seemed to be closed and locked.

I walked closer to the cabinet, and a guy was hidden to the side of the cabinet. He had a butcher knife, and blue auto repairman overalls on. He had a white mask on. He looked at me and the door slowly opened. When he stepped out of the cabinet he took a step at me. I poked him right in the chest with the PDU. Since he was off balance from taking a step out of the cabinet he fell back against the window in the room. As he hit the window I poked the PDU at the glass and poked it again. It shattered and his backward momentum sent him falling two stories down.

He landed on stairs leading up toward the adjacent building. He looked up at me and took off left. I ran to the front door and looked out the window. Right outside our door was a stairwell that leads to the road below. People were walking back and forth and I noticed a guy walking up our steps. No blue overalls, no mask and I couldn’t see a knife.

I locked the door, but there was no metal piece to hold the deadbolt in place. The wood was rotted out and the lock was shaky at best. The guy crept closer to the door and hit the lock. The door flung open into the room. Our dog started to run toward the door and I shut it.

The door wouldn’t stay shut very well, because the guy inserted some bananas into the deadbolt lock. It greased the lock so it couldn’t be shut anymore. The guy looked at me.

Illustrated by:

Instagram@romeyart - West Virginia, USA


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