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I was sitting on a small, grassy, dirt hill. The grass was not growing much, but I think that was from people playing baseball in that area. A guy from high school was sitting to the right of me, with his girlfriend propped up against his legs. Another guy was to the left of me, but I do not know who he was.

The ball field was in front of us and we were in the game. We were not standing since the game was just for fun. We would only get up if the ball came close to us. M was up to bat with an orange shirt on with blue jean shorts. He hit the ball toward us and it landed in front of me. I slowly stood up to grab the ball one-handed and threw it in toward home plate. Everyone was wondering how I was able to throw that far when I never played the game as they do.

The guy and girl started talking and laughing, so I stood up to run to the bathroom. The bathroom was a small changing room too. It had a cottage feel to it and was kept very clean. There was a stall off to the right as you entered it. It had two urinals and a couple of sinks. The area felt more like a home instead of a public bathroom. To the left was a closet and it had some clothes in it.

I walked to the urinal and noticed a woman come right before I took it out to go pee. I said oh man I didn’t realize this was both sex bathroom. She said she wasn’t aware either. I looked around for anything saying it was a women’s bathroom. I told her to go ahead and I would get out, so she could go pee. Another lady walked in and then a guy followed behind her.

When I was walking out, I noticed a small sign by the door. It had a short, chubby little kid in the picture. He had on blue shoes, with blue stripes on his pants. He was wearing a white baseball outfit, with chunky cheeks. He had a white hat on with blue stripes on the cap part and a blue button on top. Underneath him was the word boys written in cursive.

I laughed and walked out. There was an elephant that was just born on the grounds. The couple that took care of the area was very poor and they fell in love with the elephant. The zoo was there holding the elephant and told us all it would grow very rapidly. The elephant had a little bit of fur on him. He was mostly white, with one black spot on him. He started out being about 300 lbs, but the lady was still able to carry him. She said he would be a thousand lbs very quickly.

The couple taking care of the area were very happy the elephant was on site. They told everyone to walk over to the caged baseball diamond. They wanted to let everyone see how fun the elephant would have when he was able to freely walk around.

When the lady put the elephant down, he grew to about three feet long and hit the thousand lb mark the zookeeper was talking about. We all were looking at the couple when the zookeeper started to speak. She announced that the keepers of the park would be allowed to keep and take care of the elephant going forward. The couple started to cry.


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