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Updated: May 6, 2019

Inside a small, launching a gun from a video game for fun. A group of people was there. Some were protesting the game, others were wanting to try the gun.

I walked outside, down the scaffolding to a lake. My dad wanted my mother to try a new watercraft. She couldn't swim, so she had to get a special suit to fit in the craft. I walked around the corner, and my dad was in the front yard.

We walked over to the neighbor's house. It was dark inside the house and dusk outside. We slowly opened the door and didn't notice a person in the house. We were talking about me getting extramatriated ( whatever that means ).

We shuffled down the hallway and looked into a bedroom off to the left. It was empty, so we moved toward the end bedroom. It had items piled up throughout. There was a small pathway leading toward the closet.

My father followed the path and inside the closet was a secret room. He opened a door and two people were on the other side. He turned and told me someone is there sleeping. We scurried back down the hallway. When we turned toward the front door to leave, a couch was there. A person was sleeping on it that wasn't there before.

We slammed the door, hoping nobody would wake up. While jogging back to the house, we had a conversation about me trying to get extramatriated.

I was sitting down, and in my right hand, was my Kung Flo Saber. My cousin Kaytlyn was to my left, and her Mom was across a coffee table in front of me. My parents, brother, and other cousin appeared shadowed in the background.

Kaytlyn and her Mother had just arrived back from a protest. They were mistaken the Xbox Clause said if you had a real gun you could no longer play Xbox shooting games. One had a purple, and one had a pink pocket sign in front of them. I let them know Xbox never said that.

They insisted Xbox did, so I pounded the end of my training saber on the ground three times, while screaming Xbox, Never said that!!!!

I heard a commotion outside, and a few people were gathering. Some on the road, and others in my yard.

JA rule appeared in my yard. He looked at me and said, they said it. That screen isn't going to hold up. He wound up and threw a baseball at my face. It bounced off the screen and onto the porch.

He threw another one and bounced off. He kept taunting me to come outside. I took my saber with me, as I opened the screen door a ball came at my face. I blocked it with the saber.

I ran toward him and threw two quick punches in while he was digging in his pockets for baseballs.

A large crowd was outside, and it started to look like baseballs were raining down from space. They were flying through the air appearing like a meteor shower. So many of them I took cover in the house.

I looked out the screen door window. Ja Rule was standing, in the yard, alone now. The ground was littered with baseballs. Ja Rule looked at me, smiled, leaned to the side and calmly said: " Yes they did," and walked away smirking.

I yelled, “The cops are on the way, you better leave, I will come out there a kick your extreme, protesting, teasing ass.”

He turned, then I noticed he had a baby blue, sweat outfit on, with dark blue lines running vertically.

I woke up the dog scratched at the door.

Illustrated by:

Bagus Tri Cahyono - Indonesia


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