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Friends and I wanted to bowl, however, the bowling alley would not let us in. The building was an old, stone mason construction building. There were stones for walls and steps leading down to the door. A group of friends and I wanted to get in, but it felt like we were a lower class of people. They were looking down on us and making us feel like lower life forms.

I noticed one of the girls I knew worked there. She ended up writing me a note before she went in. When I opened the note, it had written on it a bunch of scribbled lines and shapes. I understood that for us to go around back.

We all went around back and started to walk down the steps. We took our time since they were all made of boulders and stone construction. There was a door and it did not have anyone stopping us from going in. We went in and the building opened into a large stadium area. There was a main path made of slate walking in the middle of two sections. One section was off to my left made just for spectators. It had stone seats with wood backs forming aisle ways.

Off to the right was a similar section, followed by the lanes near the bottom. The girl I knew was down on lane one. She told us to come over, so we could bowl. We all went down and bowled a couple of games.

In the back of this building was a hotel. The hotel had the same structure as the bowling alley. Anne showed up with a couple of friends. J was with them and running all over the hotel structure. Anne was running around with him giggling and laughing.

He made a joke about something and Anne high fived him and they both said that is what sluts do. I had five bowling balls I was carrying so I couldn’t keep up and walked over to the left. They had taken the route to the right.

I remember the area being lit, but not sure if it was candlelight or electrical. The walkway had a yellow, orange warm hue to it. The only reason I felt uncomfortable was with Anne running off to the right with J, instead of helping me carry the bowling balls. I was struggling to find the room and the balls were slowing me down.


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