• NAM


My mom and I were coming back home from somewhere. I decided to stop at Dunham's and see the former people I use to work with. As soon as I walked in the place I noticed the store was busy and only a couple workers were on the clock. My former boss immediately said can you clean the dog poop in front of the walk way. I said sure to help them out. I felt bad, so I went and started cleaning the dog poop. For whatever reason in the dream it was kind of soupy. Then it turned dry like potting soil. I had to use a scraper to clean it up of from the floor and scrape it out the door.

I came back in and the former cashier I use to work with was there. She handed me a shirt/sweatpant combo. Shirt was medium and pants were small. I had to find another mixed match in the store, so we could properly put them back on the rack. I look all over the front of the store where the clothing section was, but couldn't find anything. I then suggested calling another store.

Once I decided to do that, I saw a customer up near the front. It was Titus O'neil from wrestling. I looked at him and said TITUS WORLDWIDE. He laughed and took a selfie with me, as he was walking out in the parking lot, I shouted out one more time TITUS WORLDWIDE. He laughed and thanked me for my help. I went back to field and stream. The field and stream manager was back there making displays up.


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