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A few of us were at a theme obstacle course. It was a smaller course and started out on a wooden dock, in the middle of a swamp. The dock would sink for the one person that was on it until you reached the stairs. The problem is when I started to run on the dock it was sinking just a tad faster than it should have been compared to other people. I started to run toward the stairs that would take me to the second part of the course. The dock was sinking faster, and my mid thighs were in the water. I was leaning forward and barely touching the stairs.

There was an alligator lurking up behind me, so I lunged my arms out and grabbed the top two stairs. Those stairs were the only stairs left out of the water. I pulled myself up onto the stairs and a sandy patch at the top of the stairs. There was a thin patch of taller grass separating the water section from the beach section of the course.

Once I reached the second section, I saw a blonde hair guy and a blonde-haired lady getting ready to run that part. One of their names was Jesse, but I do not know which one. It was set up with a long monkey bar run over the sand, but one of the sections of bars had bars that rotated every-time you grabbed onto a bar. The bars were all different colors, almost like a skittle color coordination. The gym was anchored to the sand by large wooden beams into the ground.

I did not do the monkey bar section and went to a grass hut hotel that was up to the hill. The inside was separated by walls, forming five different rooms. Some beds were scattered throughout the section. The lights were dim in the hut, but you could see a deck spanning the entire outside of the hut. My cousin CW was in a room with her sister BW. They were talking about something and they started cracking up. My brother was in the room with them, and they looked over at him and said oh no he is smiling.

I was on the other side of the door, with my aunt JW and cousin RW. I said damn it, he is waking up. I ran down the hallway where my Dad was laying on a bed, with my Uncle sitting in a chair. They were chatting and told my dad he is waking up. He said ok I will get your mom, and I took off down the hallway. I was trying to sneak past an opening and looked onto the couch. He was pulling a blanket over himself but looked up right when I walked by the opening.

He started yelling and screaming as he stood up and ran toward the door. I tried running around the corner, but it was more like a brisk walk. While walking over the decking, the back side of the house went from dark to once again being light out. The front deck that came off from the house was all wood, and about the size of the house. I walked up to the stairs and back down. He was yelling and chasing me and getting closer.

I stepped down onto the grass and a cornfield hugged the border of the yard line. There might have been about two feet between the cornfield and the deck. I looked up and a girl I used to work with was on the deck. She was a feisty Italian and was screaming at him to stop. She was on the phone with the cops and told them to hurry. Anne came out of a small hut that was further in the back of the yard. He turned toward her, and I was freaking out. I stepped to him and told him to chase me. He had a wooden baseball bat in his hands, it was blue in color with some yellow streaking on it. He took a swing at me and stumbled. The bat fell to the ground.

I picked up the bat and continued to backpedal until I turned into the small strip between the deck and corn field. He charged at me and I took a swing. I cracked him upside the head, and it sounded like someone hit a home run in the ballpark. He took a step into the first row of the cornfield. He was staggering, and I tripped and fell. He turned and started looking at where he was. I was quite a few feet ahead of him now and on the other side of the corn in the clear.

He started charging and was huffing like a bull now and I could hear his footsteps and I tripped over a step that came from the deck. I was laying on the stairs, he turned and back stepped toward me. He saw me, and I took the end of the bat and poked him in the eye. He said ouch and I poked him again. He no longer looked like the adult version of himself but the teenage version.


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