• NAM


(I will start out by saying I have never done a single drug in my life. Matter of fact I have only taken one round of pills, prescribed from the Dr. once, in the last twenty years.)

I took off down a road riding a bike. I arrived at a gas station, repair garage somewhere in Indiana. I had on a yellow shirt with some black lettering and pulling behind me was a car. The car was a mid-nineties corvette. The car was yellow and tied to my bike with some rope. The car had a roof on it but no motor. It had a sign on the back of the car telling people I was pulling it for sleeping purposes.

I pulled into the garage, and an older guy came out. He liked the car and took one of the seats out when I told him that I was using it to sleep. He put the seat on the garage floor and sat in it backward, with his legs over the back of the chair. He said oh Ya this is nice, I can see how you would want to sleep in it.

I wanted to continue my journey, so I rode my bike outside and across the street was a bar, with railroad tracks behind it. In the parking lot of the bar, was one train car. It was on fire, and then it was immediately gone. The train car was replaced by two train cars. They were bright red and connected. I said they could park there since there are always train cars parked in the lot.

I walked up to the train car and could read some writing on the car. One of the words said a date 1820, and where the connecting piece was it had a word too. I was unable to read the word; however, the conductor came up and wanted to disconnect the two cars from each other. He put his hand behind the connector and pulled. He turned to me and said sixteen pounds, that’s what it says. The clasps disengaged and the two cars separated.

Riding my bike rolled down the road to a house. Walking into one story house, found on a city street, I noticed a lot of items scattered around. A guy was there, an older gentleman sitting in a grey reclining chair. The hue of the room was a grey baby blue. There was a light colored wood floor or carpet not sure. A desk spanned the back of the living room with a pane of glass behind it. The pane of glass had an opening that leads to another small room, about the size of a closet. In that room, there was a table and below that was a jewelry case.

The guy appeared to be high on drugs and didn’t want the cops to get his goods. I heard the sirens of squad cars getting louder as they were screaming toward the house. He threw a black bag of items at me. I didn’t want to get caught with whatever it was, so I ran to the back room. I opened the jewelry case up and hid the bag in it. I turned the case around toward the wall since it was not closing all the way to hide the contents.

I left the house and saw the cops storm through the door. I ran to another house and went upstairs. My cousin was there with another person. The person had, what looked like cerebral palsy. In my dream, I knew this girl from a long time ago, and she died in real life. (I do not know this girl in real life at all, this is just how I felt in my dream.) I was shocked to see her.

My cousin wanted to do the same drugs as the guy had across the street. I looked down and near a recliner were empty hairspray style cans. They were yellow, with spin-off tops like rubber cement tops. The girl with cerebral palsy grabbed a full can and started to do what she needed to, so the drug would get into her system.

I looked at them and instead of doing it through the can, I took some in my nose. To enhance it I lit a mini tube of glue and sniffed the vapors.


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