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I was in the bowling alley’s parking lot. One of the guys I currently bowl with now, RJ, walked out of the doors and looked at a Ms. PacMan arcade sitting in the parking lot. He threw his hands up in the air with excitement he was taking the arcade home. We loaded the arcade game in the back of a mid 70s pickup truck. The truck was rusty, with a white middle stripe running from front to back, and light blue for the rest of the color.

Once it the arcade was loaded the truck took off at full speed, then slammed it in reverse toward a small hill on the other side of the parking lot. The truck looked like it was going to run into the hill but slammed on the breaks. Once the breaks hit the junk in the back of the pickup, including the Ms. PacMan game, flew out the pickup and landed on the other side of the hill. He didn’t want the old arcade.

Danny from Count’s Kustoms was parked in the parking lot. A lady was there with him trying to buy the vehicle he had with him. The car appeared to be an older, dark green mustang. He was telling her it was in great condition, but she had a question about the front quarter panel. He started laughing and pounded on it. He said “You caught me. I did hit something with this and it never straightened out right on this side.” She laughed, and we all jumped in the car and took off.

We turned left out of the bowling alley and parked near a large dirt mound. There was smoke coming from on top of the mound. We walked up there and in a few different areas, rotted out logs were smoldering. You could see the embers inside the wood and some flames shooting up from nearby grass. We tried putting the fire out, however, our feet couldn’t kick enough dirt onto the flames. Danny grabbed a shovel from his car and I started to dig. I piled enough dirt on the wood and the embers died out.

We strolled down the other side of the hill to a small building. I walked inside and at the bottom of the steps was a kid’s area. It was for dancing, mini soccer or whatever fun kids would have. At the bottom of the steps two sisters, I went to high school with were there and one of their friends. They pulled seats out for us and we sat down in the corner.

They were watching their four-year-old children play soccer. The adults were in the corner playing cards and one of the ladies handed me hers. She asked what I would call the cards in her hand. I looked at her cards, she had some cards I couldn’t tell what they were. Then I noticed two 10s, two 2s, and several other cards I could not make out. I farted, and they looked at me and laughed. Then the friend farted and pointed at me and said I did, so why couldn’t she.

The husband of one of the sisters came down the steps. I think he was drunk and started being abusive toward her. He started throwing legos at the mom I went to high school with. I tackled him and put him in a glass back, that was at the bottom of the steps.


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