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(PREFACE: I have taken this dream and turned it into a twenty page short story, and is the third installment to my graphic novel. The character I have created from this dream is a major antagonist.)

I was in a bedroom, the carpet was a pale yellow, and the walls were painted a yellow. There was a door out to the hallway and one window. Looking out the window off to the left there was a wooded area, and it looked like we were on the second floor. Down below was a road with some traffic on it.

I was in the corner of the bed, next to the wall looking out the window. My dad was laying at the foot of the bed looking out the door. My mom was on the bed. When I was staring out the window, I heard a thud from something hitting the wall. I looked to see what it was, and it was a large nail, and then another thud hit the wall.

I looked at the door and a guy was standing there throwing nails at my dad. He was missing. His eyes were dark, and his face looked like it was smudged. He kept throwing needles now at my dad, just missing his eye. Hundreds of needles were hitting the wall just barely missing my dads face. I looked up again and the guy was gone.

My dad said he was glad he didn’t get hit in the face since he wouldn’t be able to work and make payments on the house. I looked out the window and one of the guys I grew up with was in the woods, taking a break trying to recover from drinking too much. Another guy was walking up the road. He was tall enough to be next to the second story window. He said he wanted to go back to school, so he could get a better life.

I was stuck in the corner of the bed since so many needles were thrown. If I moved my feet, hands or anything that moved would be stuck with needles. I grabbed my mom’s bingo magnet. It had a button on it to turn it on. I hit the button and started to run it down the wall. It was grabbing needles like crazy, and it was breaking them up. When I was breathing in I kept getting broken up needles in my throat, with some of the carpeting.

I had to cough a lot. As I got closer to my dad the needles got bigger and bigger until they were the size of framing nails.

Illustrated by:

Teresa Guido - ITALY


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