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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Skinned Alive

I was at a bar getting a few drinks. I might have been at a work convention or something similar. The bar was full and people were having fun. The bartenders were keeping up with the number of drinks being ordered. I looked over and standing near the other side of the bar was a tall blonde. All the guys in the bar were talking to her.

I told the bartender that I needed to pay for my drinks and I was going to my room to go to bed. I handed him my credit card and told him that it was new, so if it didn’t go through to let me know. While waiting for him to return the bar cleared out and I saw the blonde walk out of the bar and to the left. I walked over to that section of the bar since it overlooked the rest of the activity going on outside of the bar.

People were still having a good time, but I remember needing to pee. I sit down at the bar and the bartender for this side of the bar top poured a few drinks for different people. I see the blonde walk back in the bar. She was no longer wearing pants. She had a skirt on and the slit was up toward thigh high. She was showing her legs off since she was so tall. She had a tight, white body forming shirt on and sat down next to me.

I am still waiting for my drink and I told her she should go enjoy herself out front with all the other patrons having a good time. I looked over and she had blue eyes, hair down past her shoulders, and she had something girls put in there here to separate it. I do not know what it is called. The only makeup she had on was a light color on her lips. Beyond her, I saw one of the waitresses putting on a new pair of tights under her skirt. Her dress was dark green.

The blonde said she didn’t want to go out there and she was tired. She looked at me and asked if I wanted to go back to her room and watch a movie. I like movies, but thought to myself I can’t do that I am married. I didn’t respond and the bartender came over and had my receipt in a cup with the credit card. I took the credit card out. These were new cards so they were a quarter of the size of a regular credit card. I looked at the name on the front and the name said Razor Ruddock on it.

He was a heavyweight champion of the world, and thought to myself am I going to get his bills now? I can’t afford to pay those bills. I didn’t say anything and put the card in my pocket. The girl's leg was now on my chair and when I put my hand down, I touched her leg. She looked at me and smiled. I told her I had to go to the restroom and walked away.

While I was walking down the hallway I thought I should call Anne. I noticed a community restroom off to the left so I walked in. I started to go pee and the door unlocked. A cleaning guy came in the restroom and washed the sink. He left and the door was unlocked. I slammed my back against the door with my penis still in my hand wanting to finish peeing. The door pushed open and someone else came into the bathroom.

It was Penn from Penn and Teller. He had to go number two and I told him I wasn’t done yet. He said he didn’t care and dropped his pants and sat down. I was hurriedly washing my hands to get out of there. I get into the hallway and as if I am watching t.v. the focus of the dreams goes into a bedroom.

There is a guy in the bedroom looking in the mirror. He said something like she will see I am good enough. While looking in the mirror he took a knife, placed it between his lips and chin, and proceeded to cut himself from the just below the left corner of his lip to the right side. He kept looking in the mirror and that section of skin was sagging and it looked like he had two months now. He placed the knife above his temple and cut straight down to the right corner of his other cut. He placed the knife on his forehead, just below his hairline but above his right eye. He pulled the knife down and cut straight down over his eye down to the other cut. While he was doing the cutting, he would peel the layers of skin away. He was not screaming with any of the pain he was experiencing.

Two guys I work with came into the bathroom, and I was peeing again. It was the next morning and they were talking about how nobody could find this guy. I thought to myself all they should do Is go to his room. The scene panned up and I saw a body lying on the floor. The body had tan pants on, and the rest was just muscle structure with no skin.


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