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DREAM #86 - PARKOUR, Brutus for the Win

Running down the road, I look off to my right and notice a nice house on the hill. The windows are lit golden with candles flickering in the distance. The house looks wooden with black trim, or shadows highlighting the wood. Trees and bushes line the asphalt road I am running on. I turn right onto a dirt road.

I run forward up the dirt road, which has a slight hill to it. I end up in the yard of the house. The back yard has stones, broken logs, hay bails and a ton of other miscellaneous items lying in the yard. I notice blue yarn symmetrically placed in the yard as well. The yarn creates shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles. The yarn follows the items placed in the yard and looks like an adult hopscotch area.

I try walking through the yard, but I am back on the concrete road. A guy is in front of me, and he is an older gentleman. He says I must follow him if I want to get through the yard. I follow him through the back yard and he is jumping over things like a cat. Running and jumping, using his hands to redirect his path.

I can’t keep up but somehow I end up in a casino. A girl I went to high school with is there and her daughter. They both are wearing black, floor length dresses. I follow her and someone tries getting her daughter. I tell her I can get that guy and run after him.

We end up on a basketball court just one room over. The court has pallets of toilet paper stacked on it, at least 10 ft. high. I am running around the mounds of inventory while dribbling a basketball. I pass the ball off and look around the corner and he scores a shot. I keep running out the door to my car.

I get in the vehicle and start driving on a long, curvy road. To my right houses line the road, with a single tree in every yard. To my left, a nice lake flows with the road. Then sirens hit and the cops want me to pull over.

I pull over to the side of the road nearest to the houses. One cop walks up to my passenger window and wants me to roll it down. The second cop gets into my back seat but ends up no the driver side back seat. They start yelling at me wanting my license.

I am in the back seat now, and one cop has his nightstick out. The cop standing outside yells that I better give the cop, sitting next to me, my information. The cop sitting next to me tries grabbing my leg, and I didn’t think he had a good reason, so I pushed him back. The cop on the outside yells that is assault, that is assault you are going to jail.

He tries climbing into the vehicle with the other guy to arrest me and wham, the car jerks forward and they both fly out of the vehicle. I end up in the front seat driving, and my dog was sitting on the gas pedal. He looked at me and climbed back to the left of the driver's seat. My driver door was open so I had to reach my hand down and hold him in place, as the truck swerved through peoples yards, kicking up mud and grass.


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