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DREAM #87 - Short, Shorts Girl

I woke up feeling conflicted about not wanting to go to school. I was old enough that I should have to go to school, but this is a reoccurring theme in some of my dreams. I went to the bowling alley and saw TL and BA there. There were several other people there, the one issue I noticed, is I did not see any lanes. Bowling was done for the night, but I heard BA telling people to stay and he would be able to run them through some classes and teach them how to bowl better.

I walked down the aisle way and to the back of the bowling alley. There was a small room in there surrounded by concrete walls and one doorway. It had an old, white, plastic utility sink in the room and janitor supplies everywhere. I walked in and looked on the ground. There was a deck of cards on the floor with a stack of greenbacks laying there. The money was folded and bound with rubber bands and as high as four or five stacks.

I was thinking I could take the money and do whatever they were doing better, but I left it alone. A guy came in and picked up the money and said it was left for him, and he had to go continue his job. I walked out of the back and it felt like the next morning. There were people still in the bowling alley and some of them felt like I went to high school with. I had a grey backpack and some dice in a zipper pocket. The pocket came open somehow and the dice went everywhere. I picked them up and jammed them back in my pocket and zipped it up. I put my laptop in one of the larger pockets and zipped it up. I remember thinking I do not have to go to school today.

I turned left and walked outside. TL looked at BA and said can you cover me if I bowl a few games for money. They both walked through the doors. I walked down the street a little bit and there were two decks, small apartment decks overlooking the sidewalk. There was a girl in tiny blue shorts with white trim laying on the bed and had a light blue t-shirt on. The sheets were white and there was a silk canopy over the bed to keep the sun out.

I walked by and noticed you could see up her shorts. She was maybe a Jr. in college but was super tiny. She couldn’t have been over 4’ 8”. She had dark brunette looking hair with brown eyes. I stopped by and tried letting her know and she dismissed me and started to put on running shoes. Said she didn’t have time and needed to go workout. I said to look and turned around. I walked back toward the bowling alley with my backpack in tow.

The side door to the bowling alley was open and there were about six to eight people there bowling. On the wall was a piece of paper with names on the paper and {} marks around a group of names. There were four to five groups of people. The numbers were different though, one team had two people, while the team they were facing had three people.

TL finished his shot out of the door and bowled a strike. The next guy up appeared to be having a horrible day. He rolled his ball and hit the solid glass doors. They didn’t break but he was bummed he didn’t get a strike. He lost and took his brother with him and left. TL won and was waiting for his next match. The doors were open and I walked up to take a look. They were not even bowling on lanes. TL grabbed a ball and said time for a quick practice thrown. He rolled the ball and it went out in the street past the garbage dumpster backstop. He looked at me and said it is no joke trying to roll the ball with a hook on the street.

I took off and walked by the girl's bed again. I was tired so I laid down. She came over and took her shorts off and made me start licking her. She was having fun but calling me a bitch for licking her. I looked over and her friend was yelling too.


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