• NAM


The car was parked in a parking lot. I was in it laying next to the wife, naked. We were spooning and she started to cry. She said she couldn’t tell me why and started to get dressed. She opened her door and stepped outside. She started walking toward a road, and I kept asking her where she was going. She said nowhere and kept crying saying she couldn’t tell me.

I said how long has it been going on. She said what. I said you have been cheating for two and a half years. She kept crying and said no that is not it. I said it must be. We walked into a building, inside a waiting area. She set her computer down and I grabbed it. There were windows icons on the desktop and I remember one being called OpenView. The design had blue and purple in it. The icon was a square O with a block V in the middle of it. She yelled what are you doing. I began deleting items since I knew she needed it for work. I deleted them all. She was screaming and crying more now.

She went outside and walked down a side road. She kept crying and said I wouldn’t like who she cheated with and she didn’t want to tell me. I said you might as well just say it, you have already done it so many times what does it matter. She said Steve, which is a guy she works with. Then she said some unknown guy I do not know about. Then she said the one day I went to Bellevue my cousin came over, who is married, and they messed around.

She ran toward the building. She was performing in a concert with three other girls. It was a big day for her and I knew it. The gym wasn’t big, but the room was packed with people. Once she got on stage, I was bitter, so I ran up to her during her first performance and started yelling. Letting everyone know what she had done. I told her I am taking the dog too. I grabbed him and started running down the stairs.

She gave chase but was not able to catch me. She wanted to get the dog back, but I kept running, took off and drove away in my car.


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