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Dreamory #1 - Swortsanizzle's Ascension

Updated: Jan 29, 2019


Erik hops in the truck early Friday morning. All he can think about is the weekend playing darts with the boys and drinking some Bud Light in the garage later that night. He starts the truck and goes to the apartment on the other side of the complex to pick up his brother.

His brother hops in the truck and they head off to the first stop of the morning—the gas station a mile up the road. Erik gets his typical soda and his brother grabs some smokes. They pay for a couple of 20-lb bags of ice to pop in the Yeti cooler. They fill it with their lunches and a case of Bud Light for after work, maybe one during lunch but who keeps track anymore. The two have an hour drive down the freeway to a large house on an island.

As they are driving down the freeway they fight over which song to listen to on the radio, until Eazy-E hits. They turn up the volume, roll down the windows, and start bumping to the music. One hit after another keeps coming on the radio so the drive isn’t all that bad this day. The sun was up now and it being in the middle of summer, the temps were to be close to 95 all day.

They drive over the bridge to the 10,000-sq.-ft. mansion on the bay. The driveway is not very long since the island is only about a half mile wide but about five miles long. The house has cream stucco all around with some brown trim work. You see very little wall on the outside with most of the exterior being filled with windows. Pulling up to the house you would never imagine the ocean is right on the other side. The view is blocked by the house from the road and driveway.

The brothers hop out of the truck and grab the Yeti. They walk down the landscaping pavers to the side of the house and the view hits them. Off to the left is a dozen or so palm trees. They have a slight bend to them from the light wind. To the right is a massive screened-in porch leading to an Olympic-size swimming pool. There is a mountain carved out of concrete located at one end of the swimming pool, with a waterfall flowing from it. In the waterfall you can see a lighted sitting area, almost like a grotto, that would hold six people. Near the top of the mountain you can see a few flat edges where people can jump off into the deep end.

The ocean has some rocks coming up from it twenty yards out. The waves are smaller today, with two footers rolling over them creating white foam around the rocks. The beach is calm and ready to be used at lunchtime.

The guys use a ladder to ascend to the top of the roof to complete what they have been working on most of the summer. The owner of the house needed quite a few projects done while he was out of town and was expected back any day. Erik knew he would be back soon since the butler, maid, and grounds keeper were all on site.

They get up on the roof and start to complete the roofing. There was 500 more sq ft. to complete so they could get off from this project and move on. The guys had one last stack of slate on top of the roof and then they would have to get some more lifted to the top. The crane operator wasn’t there yet. They figured if they completed this little bit, he would arrive to help them finish the rest.

Noon rolled around and the sun was beating down on the guys now. Having the new stacks of slate on top of the roof they looked over at each other, and could see the stink coming from one another. They laughed and said at the same time “let’s get some f’in lunch.”

They climbed down the ladder and took refuge under one of the palm trees. They opened the Yeti and grabbed their lunches. PE looked around and asked if anyone wanted a Slim Jim. Of course they all spoke up and said, “SNAP into a SLIM JIM,” and said pass them over. They opened the plastic package with their knives and bit into them.

Cracking open a Bud Light after sucking down a water bottle each, they sat there shooting the shit with each other. Erik looked over and said, “Let’s do one more B-Lizzler.” The others laughed and said, “Hell ya.” Knowing the day would be over in a few hours, they were making plans. “Let’s hit up the gas station on the way home, and call the boys over. We can grab the darts and sit in the garage, listen to some toons, and drink some deuce deucers.”

They all agreed that is what they would do and went back on the roof. The day progressed with little excitement. It was close to packing-up time when a sputtering sound caught all three sets of their ears. They looked out over the ocean and, just coming out from behind the cluster of palm trees, they saw a single propeller plane, followed by fire and black smoke; the plane was going down. It was diving rapidly toward the water and the only hope was for the pilot to hit the pontoons on the ocean without capsizing the plane. The sputtering was getting worse and with a “wush”—it hit the water.

The guys looked at each other, and screamed, “What the fuck is that shit?” They rushed down the ladder running toward the bay. Jack, Erik’s brother, stayed behind to call the cops. Erik with Pete, his brother in law, ran into the ocean. One of them grabbed a paddleboard and they both got on and started paddling toward the plane.

When the plane hit the water it luckily put out the fire, but smoke was still bellowing from it. Erik and Pete could see the door now clearly. One of the passengers was inside screaming for help. The window was too small for him to climb out even though it busted out in the crash. He said his pilot was dead or knocked out and bleeding profusely from the head.

Erik climbed on the pontoon of the plane and Pete stayed on the board. Pete hung onto the pontoon waiting for Erik to get the door open. Erik had his trusty hammer with him and grabbed the door handle with it. He kept trying to pry the handle off but it was barely moving. Erik looked in the window and the passenger said he could try pushing with his one leg, but his other leg seemed to be broke and wouldn’t move. Erik noticed the a new fire moving from the back of the plane to the front. He was in a panic for time. His heart rate went up and he grabbed his second hammer.

Erik swung the claw side of each hammer into the crack between the door and the body of the plane. The claws sunk into the cracks and Erik grabbed the backside of the hammer. The leverage of both hammers pushing from the side of the door dislodged the jammed plane door.

The fire was now touching the back of the plane seats and the passenger slid out of the cockpit onto the pontoon. Erik jumped into the empty passenger chair and tried undoing the pilot’s seat belt. Some of the metal of the plane sheared up into the side of the pilot’s chair. This jammed the seat belt button between the shredded plane metal and the chair. Erik was unable to get his hand in far enough to hit the button. He didn’t have his knife on him to cut the belt. The ocean water was up near the bottom of the windshield now and the plane was going down.

Erik kept pulling on the metal and was cutting his own hands trying to bend it back enough to get the belt loose. Blood was pouring from Erik’s hands and water was up to his waist and the pilot’s. He was helpless and started to scream. He looked around and saw his hammers still in the plane. He grabbed them and started to pound furiously on the metal that was blocking the seat belt from coming loose. He was pounding so hard one of the heads flew off in the water, but it worked! He looked down and hit the button with joy. He grabbed the pilot and put him under his arm and transferred him onto the paddleboard with the passenger. The passenger looked at E and screamed, “Thank you, thank you!. We would not be alive if it wasn’t for you!”

Erik and Pete each grabbed an end of the paddleboard and headed back to shore. They heard the fire trucks and police trucks rushing over the bridge to the island. They were only a mile away now and it felt as if everyone would be safe.

Once to shore Erik, Jack, and Pete dragged the two toward the driveway so they could get medical attention quicker. The pilot was still knocked out but they could tell he was breathing. The ambulance pulled up and immediately went into rescue mode. Two ladies jumped out and ran over to the awake passenger, who told them to turn their attention to his brother, the pilot, “He is unconscious.” They took his word and immediately worked on the pilot. The cops then opened their emergency kit and started tending to the passenger’s leg and Erik’s hands. A second ambulance came and the rescue team loaded both the injured into the ambulances and turned on the sirens. They sped off quickly with the investigation team walking down toward the water to start their work.

Erik and company were done for the day with the area cautioned off. They decided to head home to throw some darts and share the crazy story with some friends.

The Next Day

It was Saturday and the rest of the crew didn’t have to work, but Erik woke up and decided to head to the job site. He hopped in his truck and stopped at the corner store, doing his daily work routine. He walked into the store, got a pack of smokes, and a big gulp of Coca-Cola. He got back in his truck and drove to the house using the same route as he took the day before with his brother.

Erik was thinking back to the previous day’s events while he was driving down the freeway. The drive seemed to go much quicker today with the music blaring and vivid memories of everything that happened. He turned at the light once he got off the freeway. SCREECH! Erik was daydreaming and slammed on the brakes to avoid almost rear-ending the car in front of him. He snapped out of it and focused on the drive to the mansion for the last couple miles.

He pulled in the drive and stepped out of the vehicle. Erik lit up a cigarette and walked under the caution tape. The investigation team wasn’t on the property yet this morning so Erik enjoyed his smoke as he walked toward the ocean. He looked out at the sunrise, thinking to himself how thankful he was that he wasn’t in the plane.

Erik noticed something floating at the beach line. He walked down to where the beach and ocean were touching. He saw a white hat and picked it up. He remembered that is what the Asian passenger was wearing in the plane yesterday. Holding the hat, Erik walked back to the truck. Erik wondered how the passenger and pilot were doing.

Erik hopped in the truck and took a drive to the hospital where the two gentlemen in the plane went to. It was only fifteen minutes away so it was a quick drive for the day. Erik knew they could finish the roof tomorrow in about three hours with all three guys on the job, so he was ok with not working today. Erik pulled up to the hospital and drove around for a minute until he found a parking spot.

He walked into the entrance of the hospital and a couple of nurses were at the front reception area. Erik walked up to the ladies and asked if they knew what room the man who was in the plane crash yesterday was staying. They told him room 312, so he decided to head up there with hat in hand.

There were a couple of security guards outside the room as Erik approached the door. They told Erik that the gentleman did not want to see any visitors at all. Erik said he understood, but found the a hat on the shoreline this morning and wanted to give it back. He also wanted to make sure they were doing ok after the entire ordeal.

The guards asked Erik how he knew about the incident and Erik said he was one of the guys who saved the gentlemen. The biggest guard said, “Wait, the passenger did want to see the guy who used the hammer to pry the door open to save him and his brother.” The guards opened the door to make sure the passenger was awake. He looked at the guards and said, “Send him in please.”

Erik walked in with hat in hand, looked at the passenger with a smile, and said, “Shit man, glad to see you are safe and doing well.” The guy looked at Erik and said, “You saved my brother and me. For that I owe you a debt for the rest of my life.” The passenger spoke up, looked at Erik and said, “Thanks for bringing my hat back, but my entire suit is ruined.” He started laughing, “Well it could be worse,” and thanked Erik for bringing it in. The passenger asked Erik his name and told him his own name was Tenso.

Erik put his hand out and said, “My name is Erik, and sorry we had to meet this way Tenso.” Tenso said, “Well it is ok, because we may never have met at all if not for this way.” Tenso told Erik that the entire flight yesterday was safe, just an odd draft came from the ocean threw his brother off course. That combined with something in the engine messing up and causing the minor fire is what sent the plane to the water.

Tenso looked at Erik and said, “You are one of the guys working on my house’s roof, correct?” Erik replied with a head nod. Tenso said, “Great. I have a couple houses in a few other states. If you are interested, I would like to give you an opportunity to work on those as well. Not to mention I have one over in Asia that needs tending too. I need someone reliable, willing to travel, and stay a couple months overseas. The house is in rough shape but I need it completely overhauled.”

Erik didn’t know what to say, but let Tenso know that he had a wife and a child that he couldn’t leave behind. Tenso spoke up and said he would pay for all of them to go, so they could be together while the work was being done. Tenso looked at Erik and said, “I tell you what. I’ll pay for you to have this week off. Stay in my house that you are working on now and relax some. You saved my brother and I want to do this. You and your family can stay there. The chef, butler, and grounds keeper will treat you just like they treat me when you go there. I will let them know.”

Erik’s eyes lit up and with a smile said, “Wow. I do not know if I can take that offer, Mr. Tenso.” Tenso looked at him with a smirk and said, “My name is Tenso, not Mr. I do not have a last name. It is only Tenso.”. Tenso told Erik he would love for him to go ahead and stay there. He said even the other two crew members could as well. Tenso said ,“Erik, it will be like an all-inclusive paid trip for you. Besides, you brought back my favorite hat, it is the least I can do!”

Erik asked Tenso how his brother was doing. Tenso said, “He is doing better and is awake. He had a concussion, so they are still monitoring him, but all other vital signs are within the norm. Thank you again.” Tenso looked over at the table near the hospital bed. He grabbed his wallet and opened it up. He took out a key card from his wallet and lobbed it over to Erik. Tenso said, “That is the keycard to the house. Be my guest, but make it your home for the next week. My wife and I talked about it and want you all to have fun and relax.”

Erik caught the card, and told Tenso thank you. He reached his hand out and shook Tenso’s hand. He said he would be by again to check up on him and turned to walk out of the hospital door. Erik said, “Thank you again.” Tenso said, “See ya later,” and closed his eyes for a quick nap.

The Vacation

Tenso woke up from his nap and looked over at the table next to the bed he was laying in. He grabbed his cell phone and did a quick dial. The other end picked up and Tenso said, “We have our guy!” with a smirk on his face. “It will not take long and we have our guy to come down to the site and fix it up.”

Erik arrived home earlier than usual. He walked in and started talking to his wife and told her about how they were going to be able to use the mansion for an entire week. She was thankful, but was reserved in her faction as if there was a catch. Erik said, “No, the guy just is saying thank you for getting him out of the burning, sinking airplane. The pilot was his brother and he was thankful for saving him too. He just wants us to be able to relax and have fun.”

Erik and his wife talked about it and said they would pack tonight and leave in the morning. Erik called Jack and told him to bring Pete over to his apartment. Jack went down the stairs in their apartment to Pete’s room and opened the door. Pete was lying in bed since it was their day off. He said, “What’s up bro, just about ready to take a nap. “ Jack said, “Erik wants us to go over to his apartment for dinner. He is barbecuing some burgers and brats up.” Pete said, “Well shit, I can sleep anytime. Let’s get over there.”

Pete and Jack left their apartment and hopped into the car. They agreed that they should probably get some b-lizzles for the night. They stopped off at their favorite corner store. Jack went to the register and picked up a pack of smokes and Pete went to grab a case of b-lizzle. “Let’s roll,” and they hopped back in the car and headed to Erik and Alicia’s apartment.

They arrived home and went to the back of the apartment, which was more like a townhouse. They had a deck out back and a yard to toss the football around. The little one was running around having fun, and Erik was on the grill. Alicia, sitting on the laptop, called Jack and Pete up to the deck, and told them to bring the little one up too as they wanted to talk to them about something.

Erik was flipping burgers when the guys got on the deck and said, “What’s up brotha’s?” They both said not much, and Jack handed Erik a b-lizzle. He cracked it open and said, “That’s what I’m talking about.” They all laughed and sat down. The sun was out and there was a couple of hours left in the day. The deck was mostly shaded for the rest of the evening, but it was still 85 degrees outside so nobody was cold.

Erik turned towards everyone and said, “You all know what went down a couple days ago when the plane wrecked, right?” Pete said, “Shit ya! That was crazy. I will remember that the rest of my life.” Erik said, “Well I went to the house today and found the guys hat on the beach. I figured the least I could do is go to the hospital and return it. Erik filled them in on the rest of the story, and told the guys that Tenso wanted them all to have fun for the next week and take a break in his house.

The guys looked at Erik and Alicia, and Pete said, “Are you freaking serious?” They all agreed; heck ya they were in. So they finished eating quickly, followed with a couple of beers, and called it an early night. They hopped in Jack’s car and drove back to their place to pack up. They all agreed on being at the house at 8 a.m., just in case anything weird went down; they would be there together as a group.

The Arrival

They all woke up in the morning with an excitement that they have not experienced in a long time. They took their showers and finished loading their suitcases in the cars. Even though they were going to be within driving distance of their homes, they still felt like this was a full all-inclusive vacation. They hopped in their vehicles and drove to Tenso’s mansion home on the island.

They arrived and Erik got out of the vehicle first. The grounds keeper met Erik as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle. The grounds keeper told Erik that they were expecting them, and was curious if anyone else may be showing up. Erik said no but mentioned that they may have a couple of visitors stop by during the week if that was ok. The grounds keeper said that was fine, and informed Erik that the house had ten rooms, all but two being accessible. Each room also had its own bathroom.

The grounds keeper walked them up to the door and explained all the security details to them as they would need to know it for this week. He said nobody is to leave the premises after ten at night since they lock the front of the property down. Nobody is allowed in or out at that time, except for an emergency. The grounds keeper told them if there was an emergency, they could hit the red button in any bedroom and anything that needed attending to would be taken care of. If someone needed to go to the hospital, the helicopter would accommodate such situations, and they didn’t need to worry about anything with their stay at the mansion.

The grounds keeper stepped aside and said, “Now you are free to do what you wish. The pool is open and you may use that how you see fit. The chef is available, and if you need anything from the store please let me know and I shall take care of that for you too.”

Erik scanned his security card and the doors opened. They all walked inside and couldn’t believe the interior. It was all mostly marble with gold trim everywhere. There were two separate staircases on opposite ends of the house, and an indoor pool in the middle of the living room which you could use to swim to the outdoor pool. The kitchen had barstools in the pool with a nice bar just on the floor if you wanted to eat in the water. There was a baby grand piano at the other end of the house furthest from the pool. The kitchen had a Sub Zero double door refrigerator, with the special covers so they blend into the walls. The Wolf oven had an enormous exhaust vent, and six burners.

They all looked at each other with awe and agreed this is going to be a good time. They ran out to their cars so they could unpack and get into the pool, but the cars were gone. They thought that was kind of weird but the grounds keeper appeared and reassured, “I had them moved to the back garage. Your items are being sent upstairs to your rooms.” Erik said, “Ok that is cool, but where can we find our keys?” The grounds keeper explained that the keys were in the key locker in the kitchen. It is a small glass container in the wall with a light and anyone could open it anytime.

They get back in the house and head upstairs to their rooms. They notice five doors at the top of the staircase. Four of the dark mahogany doors were double doors. They went to open them and every door opened without an issue. They all claimed what rooms they wanted to sleep in. They looked down to the balcony area and there was a single, fifth door, that nobody went too. They all walked down to the door at the end of the balcony and noticed the it was more of a red color. It had some symbols on the door outlined with gold trim.

They tried turning the door handle, but the door was locked. Erik said, “Well, guess that is one of the two doors we are not allowed into. Let’s go down to the pool and start enjoying some sunshine and lunch.”

The chef was in the kitchen already preparing a masterpiece for lunch. When Erik started walking down the stairs he noticed something odd just off to his right. One of the keepers of the house noticed they were walking down the steps and pushed a sliding cupboard into the wall. The keeper walked over to the group and told them lunch will be served in one hour. Erik didn’t think the guy noticed him, but Erik thought it was kind of odd the wall had a hidden safe or whatever it was in the wall. He noticed odd-looking glass vials in the container that was hurriedly closed. They had red and blue liquids in them, but Erik didn’t think anything further of it. It was none of his business.

They all jumped into the pool, even the little one. She had her water wings on and was laughing more than anyone. She was the first one to swim toward the outside with everyone following. The guys asked what kind of beer they had in the fridge. One of the keepers looked over and said that the outside fridge is stocked, and asked if they needed anything. Erik looked up and said, “Well we didn’t bring anything, so we should run to the store.” The keeper walked over to the fridge and opened the door. There was nothing else in the fridge but b-lizzle. The keeper grabbed a stainless steel serving tray, and put three b-lizzles on it and carried it over to the guys. He said, “We all noticed you drink Bud Light when you have some down time from working on the house.” With a smile, he opened the cans, gave them all a koozie and said, “Let me know when you need another.”

The End of the Week

Friday rolled around and the group had countless memories throughout the week. They were thankful that Tenso allowed them to stay at his place. Erik woke up just before sunrise to explore the house some before everyone else woke up. He felt he could relax some. He got out of bed, got dressed, and head downstairs. He asked one of the butlers if someone could go to 7/11 and get him a Big Gulp Coke since the guests were not allowed to stress themselves out over driving.

The butler agreed and said he would be back in thirty minutes or so with Erik’s fountain pop. Erik walked around the house and remembered the door that would not open that they discovered at the beginning of the week. He decided to stroll to the unseen side of the mansion and check out the bedrooms on that side of the house. He walked up the steps and peered into every door that was open. The rooms looked almost identical to the other side of the house except mirrored.

He then tried opening the single door room and that too was locked. Erik didn’t want to pry so he didn’t think anything more of it and went back down the stairs and headed outside. He went to sit on the steps of the pool and the butler arrived with his drink. He lit up a cigarette and took a sip of the Big Gulp Coke.

A man walked around the corner of the pool and came through the side door of the screened-in porch. With the sun barely shining over the ocean now, Erik could see a silhouette of a man. The guy walked closer and Erik made out a dark suit. The guy had on a dark shirt under the suit, with black shoes. A white tie stuck out with a white top hat. Erik recognized the hat and knew it was Tenso.

Tenso had a butler pull a chair up next to Erik and told him there was no reason to get up. Tenso looked at Erik and said, “How has your week been?” Erik responded with, “It has been amazing and we appreciate everything you have done for us this week.” Tenso told Erik it was no issue.

Tenso asked Erik if he had any plans now that the roof of this house was completed. Erik said they had a couple of side jobs that need to be cleaned up, but nothing this large anytime soon. Tenso gave a little smirk and said, “Well, I may have something for you. It is a long trip, but the job is consistent for a few months and I will be sure to pay you accordingly. You will not have to worry about bidding out anything, all of that has been done, I just need a carpenter of your skills.” Tenso added “I feel I found you in a crazy way, but now I want to be able to use you on more of my jobs.”

Tenso explained to Erik that he had a project in Brazil. It is in the jungle but there are armed guards that he employs down there. The job consists of building up a hospital hut to help the local people. Erik told Tenso he doesn’t have any experience with building anything in the jungle so he wasn’t sure why he was needed. Tenso let Erik know that he needs a trustworthy guy down there, regardless of the build. He needs a great general contractor to make sure the money is flowing properly to all the builders and sub-contractors. Tenso wanted Erik to know the hospital was something of utmost importance to him and he trusted Erik with his life. Tenso laughed a little bit and said, “Literally with my life.”

Erik said he couldn’t go because of his family; he did not want to be away from them for that long. Tenso insisted Erik not worry about the family. “The family can go with you and we can decide all the vaccines needed. You will not have to worry about a place to stay because within five miles is a five-star hotel. You will have guards take you to and from the job site and stay with your family when you are working.” Tenso told Erik that he had a chance to bank $150,000k in less than four months on this trip, plus all expenses paid down there and back. Tenso also said insurance would be covered for the next two years for the entire family. Tenso explained to Erik that if this works out he would have more work for him back in the states too.

Erik said he would have to talk it over with Alicia. Tenso stood up and put out his hand to Erik. He said he understood and requested an answer by tomorrow. Erik said, “Thank you,” and shook Tenso’s hand. Tenso said, “Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thank you again for saving my brother and I.”

As Tenso was leaving, Alicia and his daughter walked out to the pool. Alicia wanted to know who that was, so Erik explained that it was Tenso, the guy he saved in the plane wreck. Alicia said, “Oh, I would have liked to thank him for everything he has done for us this week.” Erik used that opportunity to jump in with the details of the offer Tenso made. Alicia knew it was great money and not sure how they could pass that up for only four months of work. Erik finished the details and said, “We can go if you think it is a good idea. It’s only four months and what if he has other jobs back in the states like this one. This could be a huge job opportunity for us.”

Erik agreed and said he would get a hold of Tenso tomorrow morning and let him know that they would be able to go. Tenso wanted to know by Saturday morning and have Erik and family leave by Tuesday.

The guys were up now and joined Erik, Alicia and their daughter down at the pool. Erik knew he had to talk to them now and let them know what is going down. Erik broke the news and told them they could have his cut of the share on the rest of the jobs that were already scheduled. They were bummed out he was leaving for some time, but were excited for the opportunity Erik would get down in Brazil and maybe back in the States.

Erik ended that discussion with “’nough business talk. Let’s finish up the weekend with some fun!” and jumped in the pool.

Erik woke up and it was Saturday now. He asked one of the butlers to get Tenso on the phone. Of course Tenso was waiting for his call. Tenso was glad to hear Erik would be going to Brazil to help build the hospital, and oversee the build to make sure Tenso’s finances were not being misallocated. Tenso told Erik that he has $1,000 in an envelope he will get to Erik later that day. Tenso said, “Go and get your passports for the family, and small expenditures you may need for the trip. Once those arrive we will get you down to the site.”


The flight to Brazil was long but uneventful. Erik and family got off the plane smoothly and a limo was arranged for them to be taken to the hotel. The limo took them, the luggage, and two bodyguards to the five-star hotel in which the family would be staying. When they walked through the hotel door, all their bags had been taken up to the penthouse suite. They would call this home for the next four months. The hotel had a couple pools, spas, and jacuzzies in it. The service was top notch. Everyone already felt like they were at home.

They walked into their room and saw it was a three-room hotel room. One end of the room had a small bedroom for children and the other end was the master suite with an on-suite bathroom. The main bathroom was just off from the living/dining area. The guards told Erik and family to enjoy their weekend, since Erik would be taken to the hospital on Monday, to start his job.

The family were treated like royalty; at dinner, they were brought anything they wanted. They ate whatever they wanted. Room service brought up lobster, steak, and anything they wished for. They opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated, at least for now, until the new job started on Monday.

Erik knew finishing a large hospital would be an undertaking, so he did not want to get overzealous thinking he could get the job done by himself. After dinner, he gave Tenso a call and they talked on the phone for a bit about next steps. He let Tenso know that if he needed people to come on the job, that he trusted he would have that ability to call extras in if need be. Tenso did not see anything wrong with that and told him to let him know, so he could arrange for everyone to be able to fly down and get to the job site.

Erik woke up early Monday morning, and per usual the guards took him down to the car. The guards put a blindfold over Erik’s face and told him that the hospital was top secret. Erik thought that was odd, but didn’t want to stir the pot. He got in and they drove him a couple hours to the work site. Erik arrived and was shocked at the progress already made on the hospital. The building was already operational and only one small section was left to be completed. It extended out into the jungle some, but for the most part the building was complete.

Erik told the guards to take him to the corner of the building where the hospital was still under construction. They drove him around to the back and they all got out. The back of the building needed walls and everything to be done on the inside. The walls of the hospital extended out past this room and there was a small hallway built from the main building to this room. Everything that was needed to get the job done was in the middle of the large room, so Erik got to work.

He started to frame, and told the concrete crew to pour whatever they need to do to get done. The construction started to move at a fast pace once Erik arrived. The blueprints were easy to understand for anyone with any building knowledge.

A month or so went by and the walls were complete and most of the framing on the inside was done. The doors were up, so now all construction could take place on the inside of the hidden room. That is what Erik called the place since it was next to impossible to see from the front of the building. There was also a large door that would connect the hospital walls in back. Once the door was closed the room would not be able to be seen from even the back of the hospital. Erik even wondered if something would cover it from the top so nothing could be seen in the room from above.

Tenso paid Erik a visit, and was pleased with the construction that had taken place. Tenso told Erik if he could get the place ready before the time-frame discussed he would throw in a fifty thousand bonus. Erik said that would be great, and asked if he could hire some extra help with some of that money to get done early. Tenso said, “Of course, there are always workers in the area looking for help.”

Erik gets off for the night and goes back to the hotel. He eats and shares the story with Alicia and they both are excited at the prospect of getting done early, with a bonus, and getting home early. Erik goes to look for more workers in the morning.

The guards drove Erik to the gym in the morning. They let him know that is where he would end up finding the most people that are looking for work. They all kind of gathered there waiting for the business people to come to town and wait to be called out on.

Before Erik arrived, the guys working out knew Erik would be coming in and looking for workers. One of them placed a small razor blade on one of the dumbbells.

Erik got dropped off and walked into the gym. He noticed most of the guys working out were wearing red shirts and workout pants with blue zip-up hoodie jackets. The biggest guy, along with two others, were doing clean and jerks over in the corner with 45-lb. plates stacked on the bar. Erik walked over to that group and asked them if they knew anything about construction.

The guy said, “Yes, but if you want help from anyone in the gym, you have to do some curls with me.” He gave Erik the dumbbell with the razor blade on it. Erik sat down and went to lift the dumbbell and slices his finger open. The guy grabbed a towel, apologized, and wiped blood from Erik’s hand. He threw the towel in a bin, and gave Erik another clean, wet towel. Erik wrapped his hand in the towel to stop the bleeding. It was his right hand and now Erik was upset. He felt he would be slower with only one hand for a couple days until the cut was healed enough to move.

The doors blew open and the police started running in from all entry points of the gym. Erik was thinking what the heck did he get himself into. Not only is construction going to be slower now, but what else is happening with this. The police had fluorescent green on and they came in with guns drawn. Erik stayed sitting where he was.

Erik looked over and the biggest guy threw a plate at the cop but missed. The cops tackled the big guy and took him down. While they took him down, the bin with the bloody towel tipped over. A couple other cops came over and took the bin and stood the guy up and put him in cuffs. They escorted the guy out of the building while taking the bin with the towel with them.

The cops yelled at everyone to stay put and looked at Erik. He told Erik to get on the ground with his knees up in the air and hands behind his head. One of the cops came over and put the muzzle of his 9 mm right to the temple of Erik’s head. He started yelling, “You move again and I will shoot.” Erik’s hand was in pain and was slipping from the blood. He didn’t want to be shot and told the cops he was working on a construction project and needed a couple of extra guys. The cop leaned in, bad breath and all, and told Erik that he did not care and he better get used to this treatment in jail.

The cops told everyone to stand up and get outside. They took everyone through the back door and sat them down at a picnic table. Most of the cops seemed to leave but a few were lingering near the picnic table. The big guy wearing the red shirt, blue zip-up, and workout pants came around the corner. He told the cops everything is ok and they could go. The cops lowered their weapons and left the area.

The guy started to laugh and told Erik that he would make a good Dean someday and glad Erik didn’t freak out. Erik could take a couple guys back to the hospital and have them help finish it. They had an upfront price of 2k. Knowing that his hand is cut and his abilities would be hindered, Erik said he could swing that and worked out a deal.

Back at the Hospital

Erik recruited a few guys from the gym that said they knew what they were doing. He let them know what else needed to be done for the day and said he would be floating around finishing up what he could with his bad hand. They said no problem, that the Deans could get mostly anything done when they all worked together.

Erik figured at this point he was working with a gang that may run the area. He was ok with it since they kept him out of jail the day before.

It was approaching night and Erik noticed a few more guys showed up with the red shirts, blue zipper hoodies, and workout pants. They just kept showing up. He asked his workers what was going on and they didn’t have an answer for him. They just said it seems this project needs to get done faster than originally thought.

Nobody could see into where the crew was working. The walls surrounding the hidden room didn’t have any windows in it. There had to be over a hundred guys pacing around the room now. Erik was slowly walking to the door to see if a car pulled up. There was one, but the guys started to shut the large door completely sealing off the room from anyone’s view.

Previous to the door being closed

The largest of the guys received a phone call outside of Erik’s ear shot. All he heard was “Do it, the blood matches.”

They started to surround Erik, and he figured something was going down. Erik didn’t have any idea why though. He asked the group “What is going on? I hired all of you to help me finish this project. Let me get Tenso on the phone see if we can figure something out.” The largest of the guys, the one who kept Erik out of jail, said, “We do not care about whoever you call.” He got up in Erik’s face and took a swing. Erik dodged it and swung back. He hit the guy square on the temple and the guy stumbled, and nobody in the group moved. The guy stayed standing and ran at Erik. Erik took the tackle and flipped the guy onto his back with his knees. Erik stood up and turned around, the guy had already thrown a kick and hit Erik right above the eye. Erik had a goose egg forming and held onto the guy’s head in another tackle. Then another guy hit Erik in the back of the head. Erik stumbled to one knee, and another guy clocked him with a knee to the left side of his face, connecting to his nose and left eye. A gash tore open under Erik’s eye. Another guy came in and slammed a rock down on Erik’s leg shattering his knee. He screamed in pain, but he was not able to do much more. The numbers were too many. Over a hundred guys took turns beating on Erik. He had guys hit him with brass knuckles, putting him in arm bars. All told he had both elbows broke, his knee was shattered, both eyes were swollen shut, two gashes in his head, and a broken nose.

They opened the large door and slowly walked out.

E is down and hurting

Erik is mangled and barely breathing. A limo pulled up to the back of the hospital and a couple guys stepped out. A few doctors came behind the wall through the door. They had a stretcher with them and put Erik on it. The bigger guys picked up the stretcher and took Erik to the room he was building. They entered the room and went for the back wall. This was the only wall that was up when Erik signed on to do the project. Near the back wall they held out their arms and a scanner appeared from the concrete.

A door slowly raised up from the ground and opened like an elevator. All the men went in the elevator, carrying Erik, and hit the down button. They slowly took the elevator down several feet below ground. Once the door opened they put Erik on a gurney, and two doctors wheeled him away.

The facility was all white, clean, with windows into rooms. There wasn’t anyone in any of the rooms, just some equipment: gadgets, what looked like laser cutters, scissors, and operating equipment.

Once Erik arrived at the end of a long hallway he was wheeled into a room off to the right. In the room were two large monitors, heart rate monitors, needles, surgical knives, and other hospital-like items. Erik was laying there getting hooked up to all the sensors, and the two doctors were regulating his vital organs. He was in stable condition but losing some blood. They hooked up a transfusion line to an IV in Erik’s arm. They had to stabilize his blood or he would soon bleed out.

Another doctor walked into the room and the other two doctors stood down and went to the other side of the room. The chief doctor spoke up and asked how long before Erik was stable, that he only had about four hours before he could continue with the project. The window for fresh injuries would be closed quickly if he didn’t get started. The two doctors let the chief doctor know that Erik would be ready for the surgery within the hour. They said once the blood has been transferred over they would let the chief know.

The chief said, “Perfect. Get everything else ready and I will be back shortly.” The doctors hit a couple buttons and some UV lights clicked on and the windows went opaque, so nobody could see in or out anymore. TV monitors came on and there were people watching from the monitors. They didn’t say anything, but they were wearing dressy outfits and eating some dinner. They would look up every so often and go back to talking.

An hour went by and the Chief came into the room with Erik and the other two doctors. The chief was pushing a cart into the room. On the cart it looked like five hundred needles were separated out with the initials A, T, C, and G on them. The chief proceeded very cautiously in a specific order, inserting needles into E. He placed them all over, choosing specific areas for the As and Ts. The Cs and Gs were randomly placed all over Erik’s body. The As mostly being near the top of the body and cuts, and the Ts near the bottom of the body or any breaks that he may have.

Erik was out, and barely moved through the entire process. The process took the chief doctor just about an hour to insert about 400 to 500 needles into Erik’s body. Once the needles were inserted, the doctor grabbed an over extension arm. He slid that over to Erik’s body. The tiny needles had small little cables coming out of them. The doctor proceeded to hook up every single cable to a corresponding cable into the extension arm. Once he was done, Erik’s body appeared on both monitors. Every section of his body came to life on the monitors. The doctor could see blood flow, heart rate, brain waves, muscle twitches, and could pull the DNA strands of Erik’s body.

The doctor said it was amazing and started to program different items on the monitor with a keyboard he had in his hand. With every touch of the button a needle would light up and inject a tiny bit of liquid into Erik’s body. The doctor kept hitting keys on the keyboard and the needles in Erik’s body started to look like Christmas lights going on and off everywhere they were located. The doctor would stare at the monitors intensely and watch the different parts of Erik’s body react to what he was doing on the keyboard. The cuts on Erik’s body started to slowly heal, the cracks in his bones would slowly go away. The bones started to repair themselves and as they were being repaired they started to slowly shrink. His skin would contract as the muscles contracted around the slowly healing bones.

Erik had a couple hundred needles left to go and the images of before and after were amazingly different. Two different bodies appeared on the screen but only one body was left on the doctor’s bed. The DNA strands were rapidly changing and fusing different sequences right before the two doctor’s eyes. They were amazed at what they saw happening.

The chief doctor hit his final buttons on the keyboard and looked down at what he saw on the bed—a fully transformed body with all the bones and cuts being healed. The entire process took over 20 hours to complete, with all the keyboard hitting and double checking, verifying paperwork on the desk. He looked up at the other doctors and said ”Now you see what we can do with the Human Genome Project. This was a breakthrough process of healing the body that nobody in the world has ever laid witness to. I have found the breakthrough thanks to the HGP testing late last century.”

He flipped the monitors over to the room with the people. They were still there, all wearing more relaxed clothing now. They looked down on the table and all were shocked, but had smiles on their faces. The chief spoke up and told them that their money would no longer go to waste, that he has figured out how to heal wounds, and fix broken bones with some extensive surgery without side effects.

Then a loud scream came from the table, and Erik sat up. His eyes were still tightly closed and he laid back down. The people on the monitors were shocked and asked what was going on. The chief said, “The patient might be in some minor pain.” Erik sat up again and yelled louder this time, shaking violently on the bed. The two assistant doctors ran over to Erik and forced him back down on the bed and restrained him. Erik’s eyes were still closed but his screams became increasingly scary for anyone within hearing distance. They were blood-curdling screams and the assistant doctors looked at the chief and asked what they should do.

The chief broke the transmission feed to the TVs with the onlookers and brought the surgery history back up on the monitors. He scoured through everything that was done and he said everything is as it should be. He told the assistant doctors to get the needles out of the patient as fast as possible. He wanted to sedate him, but didn’t want all that stimulus in his body. The chief doctor yelled “Hurry, up!” The assistants rushed to pull the hundreds of needles out of his body, disposing of them in a trash bin in the corner. Once the needles were out, Erik let out a groan, and a sigh. Then he screamed again, but this time was the loudest. The chief looked at Erik’s face and his skin started to tighten.

The chief continued to scour the notes, saying he was not able to find anything that went wrong. He looked back at Erik’s face and it looked different than it previously did, and the doctor was confused. He looked at Erik’s body and his muscles were started to protrude out through his skin, with his veins pulsing full of blood. His body started to contract into itself, his skin was pulling tighter and, on the monitor, the chief could see Erik’s skeletal structure shrinking. Erik came in at 6 feet 1 inches tall, now he appeared to be three and a half feet.

Erik’s eyes shot open and looked over at the chief doctor. Everyone was wearing masks, so Erik couldn’t tell who he was looking at. He screamed, “Who are you all? Where am I?” He asked if his family was all right and what he was doing in the hospital room. The chief spoke up, thinking to himself, Erik doesn’t know he has changed his looks, ”You were beat up badly. We had to bring you to the hospital so we could save you. You had cuts everywhere, and broken bones. We wanted to make sure you were all right after surgery. Your head is blurry right now, we need to put you back to sleep.”

“No, I do not need any other medicine!” Erik said in frustration. He said he felt fine, and his head wasn’t blurry. He wanted to go home and see his family. Erik asked how long he was in the hospital. The chief said, “You’ve been in a coma and just woke up. You have muscle atrophy and won’t be able to walk without some therapy. We need to get a needle back in your arm and get you to calm down before something bad happens. We want to get you back to your wife and child, but you must work with us.”

Erik agreed, but stressed to them to let his wife know she can come see him. He was ready to get back to his family. He had been off work and he needed to get back to the job. The chief doctor told the assistants to get the IV back in Erik’s hand. The assistants walked over to Erik’s side, and slowly picked his hand up. They took the IV and stuck Erik again. He didn’t wince, but slowly started to look down at the needle. He was starting to feel a little woozy again from the IV drip, and noticed his hand was different. He then noticed his feet and got freaked out. Erik yelled “What the hell happened to me?” He sat up with a shot of adrenaline, and ripped the IV from his hand. He flung the drip against the wall.

Erik looked at the chief doctor and yelled again, “What happened to me?” Erik jumped off the gurney and looked around the room. The doctors came over to Erik and tried to grab him and put him back on the bed. Erik barely touched the doctors in the chest and they flew against the wall. The chief doctor was in the corner and said he didn’t do anything wrong but fix Erik’s cuts and broken bones, and he told Erik if he lays back down he can fix him too. Erik looked at him and pointed a finger. He stared intensely and said, “My family better be ok,” and ran toward the door. He jumped up with both feet in the air and hit the door with a mighty yell. The door flew off the wall and shattered the glass from the room across the hall.

Erik started running down the hallway and saw the elevator door, and as he was running he glanced into another room. He noticed the letters GNOME and ran to the elevator. He hit the up button and down came the elevator. Once he got in the elevator, he hit the only button he could see. He started his ride up.


The elevator door opened and Erik looked out to see if anyone was around. He stepped out from the elevator and realized there was just a little bit of daylight left. He examined his body, his hands, arms, legs. He had been shrunken down to about 3’ 6”. All his scars have been erased away from his body. His muscles have become more tone, and his veins popping up through the skin.

He was left standing there soaking in some sunshine, wondering if he would ever see his family again. Thinking to himself, “What am I? Will I ever be normal? Is this all a dream?” He wasn’t in as much pain as he was in the gurney, but his head was pounding with extreme pain and his focus would go in and out.

Erik scanned the area and noticed two of his hammers on the ground near some scrap lumber. He walked over to the lumber and picked up one of the hammers, and used it to lift the scrap up. He grabbed the second hammer. He looked back at the massive door that was open from when the gang of guys came to take him out. With his hammers in hand he ran toward the door.

Once out of the door he looked down the path to the main road and started to run down that road. There was little daylight left and he wanted to get as far as he could on the road before anyone found him. He saw some headlights coming down the road before he could even get out of sight from the hospital. Erik jumped off into a small gulley that was near the road. He ducked down and the vehicles, all trucks, passed his location.

They were headed toward the hospital. This is not a normal hospital, though he would be able to gain more information going back. Once the last truck drove by, he leaped out of the gulley. He ran up and leaped on the last moving truck without any struggle at all. Erik thought to himself that felt way too easy and felt his legs were stronger than before. Erik looked down at the cargo door of the truck and there was a lock on it. Erik didn’t want to break the lock so he leaped up to grab the roof of the cargo part of the truck.

Erik easily grabbed the corner and scrambled to the top of the truck. The trucks were moving about forty-five mph and Erik was getting slid from one side to the other. He pulled his hammers out, and slowly pushed the claws down into the metal cargo box. He held on to his hammers and that stabilized Erik, so he wasn’t being tossed around anymore.

The trucks pulled up to the back of the hospital. Erik started to have flashbacks of the previous day. He shook his head as to not lose focus on the current task. He quickly and quietly pulled his claws from the box and slid them back into his belt loops. Erik laid down, but could view the lead truck. He was laying on his belly, but could peer over the edge of the cargo box. The drivers of the lead trucks jumped out and Erik recognized a couple of them from the group. They were wearing the signature red shirts, blue zipper hoodies, and workout pants.

Erik remembered that a couple of them called themselves, The Deans, at the workout facility. The Deans walked to the back of the trucks and unlocked the cargo box of the truck. Erik’s truck came to a stop and the passengers jumped out. They walked to the back of the truck and unlocked their cargo box. The lead truck driver screamed out, “Everybody on me!” All passengers went to the lead truck and Erik climbed down the back of the cargo box.

Erik took his chance. He opened the cargo box and rolled under the door. He opened it as quietly and as little as possible. Once he was in the cargo container, he noticed boxes were packed for shipment. He opened a box on the top and climbed up and into the box. He fit in the box and slid the lid back over his head sealing it again.

Erik quietly sat there and thought it was a good idea to get back down to the basement without being noticed. He remembered quite a bit of paperwork in the room where he was having surgery. He wanted to see if he could get his hands on any paperwork that he saw in any of the rooms. In his rage, he ran out of the room in trying to escape without realizing he might need those documents.

Erik felt the box lurch from its position and get lowered to the ground. Once on ground he heard two guys start talking that this box needed to go to the storage facility underground. This was perfect so he kept quiet. He was picked up and walked for about twenty seconds. He felt the ground start moving downward and knew he was in the elevator.

Once the door opened he was loaded onto a dolly. The box tilted and Erik felt himself started to tilt. He was being wheeled through the hallways. He could barely see through one of the cracks in the wood, and was unable to make out anything distinguishing.

Erik wheeled by one more room and thought he saw some hair on one of the beds and then the lights went out. He was wheeled into a dark room. He heard someone say, “Put that box on A10 please.” Erik grabbed around in the box and felt some hard Styrofoam. The Styrofoam had grey plastic sealing all the cargo. He waited until he did not hear any more voices to start thinking about opening the door of the box.

The guys were talking about an hour. They talked loud enough that Erik could hear them say all cargo was off from the trucks and loaded into this storage room. Erik only heard the guys say repeated letters for the entire hour. A1 over to that rack, T12 over to that rack, C9 over there, and G8 store here. He heard the same four letters the entire time with different numbers associated to the letters. Erik lifted the lid to the box.

Erik peered out of the box and it was midnight dark in the room. Erik was surprised to be able to make out the entire room as if he was in the light of dusk. He was never able to see this well when it was this dark out, but he liked what he could see now. He slid his entire body out of the box and jumped down to the floor. He noticed a small light next to the door and went over to it. He gripped the handle to the door and pulled down, no alarm sounded. He leaned his head out of the door and all the lights were off in the hallways too.

It was crazy that nobody was in the area considering what happened earlier. Erik walked down the hallway with extreme caution. The first room he came to, when he turned right, was the room he had his surgery in. He recognized the room with the two TV monitors, and the arm with cables coming down from it. He slowly opened the door and walked into the room. The room was clean. It was back to new and he didn’t see anything related to his surgery except one manila folder on the gurney. The folder only had a couple of documents in it. On one page it had a few descriptions: 1. Nimble, 2. Increased speed, 3. Vision at night better, 4. Stronger than then Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. Erik flipped to the second page and it only had one thing written on it. Erik looked down and thought, “What the fuck is MONGO? “

Erik looked up as something caught his eye; it slipped by the room and it wasn’t something small. Erik tucked down behind the gurney and peered out the glass window. He couldn’t hear anything or see anyone. Erik slowly snuck to the door and quietly opened it far enough so he could get through. Erik looked to his right where he saw the shadow sneak by. He peered down the hallway to the storage location and didn’t notice anything and turned around. Erik folded the manila folder into fours and jammed it in his pocket. He grabbed the two hammers and started to hug the wall.

Erik inched toward the elevator to the outside. He didn’t find exactly what he was looking for, but felt it was good he came back down here. He found something and that should help him in the future gathering any information on what the hell happened to him. Erik kept inching toward the door and something was thrown at him from behind. It missed him but it appeared as if it was a warning shot. It was a lid like the one from the box Erik had stowed away in. Erik still couldn’t see anything, then, “Wham,” right above his head a lid shattered and wood fell on him.

Erik stood up and shook his head to clear the cobwebs. He heard something pounding and loud roars; he wasn’t feeling very great about what was going down. He had his hammers in hand and turned around. Standing between him and the elevator up was a large silverback gorilla. It stood about nine feet tall and easily weighed eight hundred pounds. He threw another lid and Erik ducked out of the way.

The silverback looked at Erik and pounded his chest again, and said, “You think you are going to get out of here now? I am going to rip your arms off and beat you with the bloody ends of them! Then I am going to eat your legs like little chicken wings!” Erik wondered if he was dreaming. How the hell is this gorilla talking to him right now. The Gorilla said he was sent to squash the latest experiment and he knew Erik was it.

Erik looked the gorilla up and down, but it was hard to see everything about him since it was still dark in the hallway. He thought the gorilla was black, or very dark silver. The Gorilla started to charge, snorting loudly as he went down on all fours. He was easily charging at twenty-five miles per hour toward Erik. The gorilla lunged at Erik, and Erik slid right under the leaping gorilla. The gorilla rolled like a bowling ball, slid, turned around and stood back up. He pounded his chest even harder this time. Erik was still quite a distance from the elevator door.

Erik turned toward the door and made a run for it. The gorilla sprinted toward Erik and grabbed him right before he hit the elevator button. The gorilla threw Erik toward the office unit window. Erik shattered through the window like it was not even there. The gorilla stood up again and said “You will not be able to escape this time! We have people on the way that are quite interested in you. I am very interested in you as well. You are number two on the list. I was number one.” The gorilla looked down at Erik and asked “Do you have a name little one?”

Erik stood up and threw one of the hammers and it nailed the gorilla just on the side of the cheek. The gorilla staggered back and leaned against the glass. He roared and some blood started to trickle right below the gorilla’s eye. The gorilla wiped the blood from his face and started to charge Erik. When the gorilla charged, he ran right over the gurney, punching. He hit Erik and Erik went flying right into the wall. Erik stood up staggering; he was hit hard. He felt pain through his entire body, and was shocked he stood up. Erik ran right at the gorilla and swung his hammer. He nailed the gorilla right in the knee and the gorilla pounded the ground in anger. The gorilla grabbed the gurney and threw it at Erik and Erik jumped on the gurney as it was flying. Right before the gurney hit the other office window, Erik could jump off from it and down the hallway.

Once again the gorilla was in between the elevator and Erik. The gorilla stood up and started talking again. “Ok little guy, we all know what they say about little man complex, but you are taking it too far this time. I was trying to be nice about this, and you are starting to piss me off a bit. I politely asked for your name,” the gorilla said, with a grin. Erik looked at the gorilla and said, “You are in my way and I am going to get up that elevator and back to my family no matter what you say. If you do not get out of my way you will find this hammer straight up your ass.”

The gorilla laughed, pounded his chest again. He roared, and this time the cracked glass that he leaned against shattered to the ground. Erik said, “Would you like a breath mint?” The gorilla charged and leaped in the air. Erik ran at the gorilla and slid. Right when the two were close to hitting each other, Erik slid on the ground, raising his hammers claws. They dug into the gorilla’s shoulder, ripping the gorilla’s shoulder down to the ground and flipping him over. Erik stood up and kept running toward the elevator. Erik grabbed one gurney and picked it up over his head. Erik was wondering how he had this amount of strength, and threw the gurney down the hallway. Erik grabbed the other gurney and threw it jamming the two gurneys together. Erik hit the elevator button.

The gorilla stood up, and told Erik he wouldn’t be getting away. The gorilla started to charge, and hit the gurney, shattering the metal into shards. He stepped back and charged again, plowing through the barrier and charging toward the elevator. The gorilla screamed, “What is your name little one? You can’t escape me. Mongo is hungry and needs to eat.”

The elevator door opened and Erik jumped in. He raised his hand up and flipped off Mongo. As the door was closing Erik screamed out, “And my name is SLIM SHADDDDY!”


Erik ascends the elevator for a second time without much more information then he previously had. He wondered who he was now. All his memory is intact, but he doesn’t want his family to see him this way. He walks out of the elevator still in a heightened state of alertness. The sun is starting to appear over the trees as he runs to get into a car. He opens the door and hops in. He sees the keys left in the ignition, but he is unable to reach the pedals now. He talks out loud ”Are you fisting me right now? What the f’ck.”

He jumps out of the car and rummages around for a stick that will not break when some pressure is applied. He hops back in the car and pushes the stick onto the brake pedal, twists the key, and the car starts. He slams it in reverse, pushes the stick down on the gas pedal, and drives down the road leaving the hospital scene. He was wondering how on earth he even survived the attack from whatever that gorilla was. How the heck does a gorilla even talk and who named him Mongo? What kind of name is that anyway, Mongo?

Erik follows the road out to turn left on the main road, but doesn’t know exactly where he is going. He just hopes he can find some civilization soon. He drives for a couple hours and comes up to a paved road and turns right onto it. He thinks he remembers the turns that he took when his head was covered in his former body. Erik wants to get back to the hotel to his family, but he doesn’t want to see him this way.

Erik sees some stores coming up as he makes it back to the city. Erik walks into the mini mart that is located at the corner of a couple of streets. He gets out of the vehicle and people are staring at him. He doesn’t care and walks into the store. He hasn’t slept since the surgery and is groggy, and just got done throwing down with an oversized Gorilla Man. Erik thinks to himself, “This all must be a dream.” Erik walks back to the cooler, and fortunately this city is known for American tourism, so they have Bud Light. Erik grabs a case and walks up to the counter. The clerk’s head is looking all over, but is unable to see Erik. The clerk asks, “Who put this up here?” Erik jumps up onto the counter and says, “I did.” She screams and runs to the back.

Erik grabs the Bud Light, hops into the car, and sticks his way out of the parking lot. He drives a little way and finds a hotel parking lot. Erik cracks open a beer, takes a sip, and says, “I must get back to my family. I need to find out where they are.” He remembers the manila folder in his pocket. He opens it up. He remembers seeing the first page, and the second page. He looks at the third page and it has a lot of writing on it he doesn’t even understand. Somewhere in the middle of the entire page of writing he sees Human Genome. He looks down at himself and says, “That is why I saw that word Gnome. I missed the e in it when I went running by the room.”

Is that what I am now a freaking Gnome? I can’t see my family like this? Erik starts to slowly pass out from exhaustion. As he fades out he gets a flash in his head of Arnold Schwarzenegger and takes one last sip of his B-lizzle. Falls asleep to thinking, Swortsanizzle.

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